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Ticked off at Citi

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Re: Ticked off at Citi

Well, their "excuse" makes total sense. If you have a ton of available credit that you aren't using, why should they extend more?
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Re: Ticked off at Citi

I don't have a "ton" of available credit...I have 2240 showing available from Juniper, 1000 from Discover and my Amex charge.  It's not like I have 40 grand in available credit.  I was just approved for BOA 123 and Chase Freedom 5k and 6k respectivly with no issues at all.  Oh well, just can't do business with Citi

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Re: Ticked off at Citi

jtc411 wrote:

Decided to add one more card to my mini spree after getting denied for BCE and still in pending review for Cash Plus, and Citi denies me with a 740 EQ and 80k a year income.  I call them and they give me the reason as being "Too low amount of revolving credit being used"...really Citi?  I'm sorry for not being in major debt.  FWIW my AAOA is 6 years and my history is 11 years

That's one of the reasons I let balances report even though I pif. Some banks are now reporting fine grain info so you can see card usage even when a customer pre-pays. Citi doesn't report this so there is a reasonable chance they don't utilize it when they pull CRs.

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so my moniker is, well, rather out of date.

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