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Time for Credit hunting

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Re: Time for Credit hunting

creditwherecreditisdue wrote:
You have a thin credit file plus a baddie. I would wait for the bad to fall off (7.5 years from DOFD, an EX report may provide an exact date). That could be pretty soon since the repo was in 2003. I am afraid if you don't the Citi experience will be dup'ed with other banks. Alternative is to develop a relationship with a CU of your choice. They tend to be more forgiving.


Thanks for the advice. I am a member with the local CU and will try to apply with them in Sept. In Sept they are changing banks for CCs.
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Re: Time for Credit hunting

I've been on the credit hunt too. The last few years have been the Dark Ages for my credit. But after paying my accounts in collections and licking my wounds, I'm rebuilding my credit. These are the new accounts I have:

Orchard Bank $300 - Nov '08

Walmart  $600        Recently Approved

Cap 1 Plat $500     Recently Approved


I'm waiting for a response from Hooters. I applied in November and was instantly denied. Hopefully my good history with my OB card will increase the chances for approval.  I'll stick with these cards for a while and get another copy of my CR. I probably won't apply for anything else, namely a VISA, until next spring or later.

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