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To close CreditOne or not to close...

As some of you may have read, i was recently approved for the Wal-Mart, Chase Freedom, and Discover IT cards. I figured maybe it was time to start closing some of my subprime cards, with CreditOne being one of those. The issue is, it is one of my oldest cards; so i wanted to get everyone's take on it. Should i close it, or keep it going? Thanks in advance!
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Re: To close CreditOne or not to close...

If there's an AF on the card, I would close it.


If not, I'd keep it open.

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Re: To close CreditOne or not to close...

Close it as fast as you can, credit one is so sub prime

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Re: To close CreditOne or not to close...

+1, I just closed my Credit One that I have had since 1999. They have monthly fees, so is definitely not worth it. The best scenario would be paying it off and then closing so that the utilization doesn't really factor in overall. 0 limit, 0 balance. You've added new tradelines so should be a wash. The card will still be factored into your AAOA for the next 10 years, so you really won't see any negative effects from closing right now.

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Re: To close CreditOne or not to close...

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I concur on closing it. Get rid of all the sub-prime lenders! :smileyhappy:


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Re: To close CreditOne or not to close...

Close it, I will close mine before the AF hits, pretty soon...

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Re: To close CreditOne or not to close...

Close it.  Shred it.  Have a beer.

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