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Two CreditOne Inquiries

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Two CreditOne Inquiries

I monitor my credit using PrivacyGuard and they sent me notification that I had two new inquiries. I was puzzled because I applied for a Capital One card and was expecting the one. To my surprise, I see that Credit One performed two hard pulls on my credit. The first one on 4/01/2009 (when I applied) and then another on 4/07/2009. Is this standard operating procedures and do I have any recourse?

Discharged 4/28/2016

Current scores as of 2/06/2017

CapOne Quicksilver- $2,500

NFCU CashRewards - $12500

Overstock - $2200

Wayfair - $2200

HSN - $1250

Victoria Secret - $250

Discover IT - $1200

Amazon - $800


Re: Two CreditOne Inquiries

I've had the same problem with HSBC inquiring on 4/13/08 & 5/12/08 and Credit One on 5/27 and 6/7.... for the same card / purpose, but due to identity issues when I started rebuilding.  I opened and subsequently closed both accounts after approximately 6mo, but haven't been able to get the CRA's to delete the 2nd inquiry, despite 2 disputes on each.  Bummer for me, too!
4/13/08 FICOs: TU 646 / EQ 583 / EX 623
2/06/09 FICOs: TU 708 / EQ 689 / EX 705
12/12/09 FICOs: TU 773 / EQ 737 / EX 761