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Can you recon for a higher CLI with Chase Freedom and what grounds would be successful? (I've never reconned before).

How long before you can ask for a CLI?

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Re: Chase CLI

I think they do another HP with recons but not sure.  I know their CLI are HP's.  I just got the Freedom card and I'm also interested in how the CLI increases and suggested frequency of requesting them should work.


I was planning on requesting one after refi (9 months).


For recons, I think it depends on why they gave you a lower CL.  Whats on your report? How is your income? Be prepared to address any negatives.  I had to recon Freedom for approval and my main negative was my cap1 auto loan.  I had a full history of my consecutive payments to them since August last year printed out and next to me when I called.  So when she said my last late with them was March I counter with the dates and amounts of my payments and said I was currently disputing the account with Cap1 directly as I didnt want to formally dispute the item.

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Re: Chase CLI

When you say recon did you recently get approved for this card?

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Re: Chase CLI

Immediately after approval, call to recon the limit if you want or need more.  I just recently helped one of my managers with his credit card choices.  He wanted to move his debt to a 0% interest card.  I recommended Chase Freedom.  He got the instant approval but not enough to cover the entire transfer and leave a little utility room.  I had him call the backdoor number immediately and they put in a few numbers then viola- instant 4K increase to the approval.  YMMV but the worst that can happen is "NO CLi".  No HP btw.

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Re: Chase CLI

EX is now reporting an updated CL. 



Dear TU, 


Could you please stop being so stubborn and start reporting my $5k credit limit so that Chase will like me more?




Chasing Freedom

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Re: Chase CLI

I could wait any longer. I did it. I applied online.


Instant approval: $5k Smiley Very Happy




Now to do the garden for a very long time....



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congrats, cli's with chase are indeed HP's.


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