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USAA Approved

I recently joined USAA and decided to apply for one of their credit cards.  I applied for and was instantly approved for a Cash Rewards World Mastercard for $10,000 @ 13.9%.   Prior to this my highest limit was a Discover More card for $4,500.  The other cards I have are Chase Freedom ($1,000), Wells Fargo ($1,000) and a Barclaycard Mastercard ($500).  Now here is an amazing twist:  I also applied for the USAA Rate Advantage Mastercard for the heck of it and was approved for $10,000 @ 9.9%.  I am definitely shifting most of my credit card usage towards USAA.

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Re: USAA Approved

Congrats!  Awesome limits.  USAA is the best, excepting for NFCU IMO.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: USAA Approved

Very nice limits!  I take it by "joined" you mean as a full member?


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Re: USAA Approved

Yes, I'm a veteran. Thanks to I became aware of USAA and the benefits.
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Re: USAA Approved

Do you know ur credit score?

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Re: USAA Approved

USAA pulled EQ which was 713.  My util is @ 6%.  One CO that is six years old.

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Re: USAA Approved

Congrats, I have all my banking with USAA except for a checking I set up with Chase for the 10/10 bonus on my freedom, they even upgraded my account to their premier plus for bringing my DD214.

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Re: USAA Approved

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johnny do you have any checking or any othe account with usaa or only the credit card?

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Re: USAA Approved

Congrats that's a great CL

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Re: USAA Approved


8-10-12 - USAA FAKOS - EXP: 688 TU - 676 EQU:657
8-10-12 - Walmart FICO TU - 627 Goal: 750
Wallet: Amazon - $600 Walmart - $400 Paypal -$300

I'm so EXCITED! And I just can't HIDE it!!!!!

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