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USBANK questions

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USBANK questions

I am due for a credit limit increase on my USBANK issued Kroger 1-2-3 rewards card on Nov1 (which will be the 6 month mark), my question is " if I request the CLI online for a specific amount do they give you a counter offer if the limit you request is to high"?


I am also considering applying for the CASH+ card on the same day, should I apply for the Cash+ card before requesting the CLI on my USBANK credit card? Would they use the same pull, or a separate pull?



I was hoping that I could increase the limit on my Kroger 123 card and then PC it to a Cash+ card, but after searching many forums, I don't know if this could be done with this card


Any insight  would be very much appreciated Smiley LOL


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Re: USBANK questions

I was recently approved for the Cash+.


What I did was go into my local US Bank branch, and sat down and talked with a banker for about 15 minutes.  He entered my information, and I got an immediate approval.  I live in Colorado, and EX was pulled.


Cash+ is a signature card, which means $5K minimums.  In my research I found that US Bank likes to see some history with higher CLs, before approving this card.  You have a $10K card (Beaver), but I don't know if it's reporting yet, since it's been a recent object of discussion on this forum.


Also, if they pull EX for you, and your EX FICO is similar to the 657 FAKO you mention, then you might be borderline.


If it was me, I think I'd try for the CLI first, and make sure my $10K CL is reporting, and see if there's a way to boost my scores a bit, and then apply for the Cash+.


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Re: USBANK questions

Thanks!!! GREAT ADVICE !!    i will try for the CLI and wait for my experian score  to get better Smiley Happy

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Re: USBANK questions

Also, it depends on where you live.  I'm in Ohio and US Bank doesn't use EX, they hit TU for cards and cli's

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Re: USBANK questions


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Re: USBANK questions

I'm waiting for my Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards to age to 1 year, then going to try to PC it to a cash+ 

The rewards on the 1-2-3 are pretty lame, in my opinion. 



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