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Union Bank info needed please

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Union Bank info needed please

Chase has burned me once again so looking at moving banks.  I have a Union bank a couple blocks from my place so interested if anyone knows about them.  I have overdraft on my Chase to a Chase Credit card and I would really like overdraft line or credit card from Union Bank if I was to go with them.  Do they under write the card themselves? offer you loan products at time of opening checking? anyone know score requirements to see approvals?

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Re: Union Bank info needed please

Union Bank CC's are issued by First Bankcard, part of First National Bank of Omaha.  I've gotten a couple credit card mailers from FNBofO and shredded em' ...


I'm guessing you're asking about Union Bank of Kali-phor-knee-ah (sic) I, don't know anything about the Bank itself, other than it's owned by the Japannese ..


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