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Unsolicited Initial Fraud Alert

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Unsolicited Initial Fraud Alert

I was surprised to receive letters from the credit bureaus informing me that I (or on my behalf) requested an "Initial Fraud Alert".  I never authorized this at all (I was planning on applying for an AMEX soon).  The only thing I think it could be is when the credit analyst told me my CLI request was a hard pull (even after being told multiple times by the rep who did it that it would not be) and they said they'd remove the inquiry.  Could they have requested the Fraud Alerts?  I was only told they would withdraw the pull and never mentioned anything about me getting these Fraud Alerts.  If I wasn't planning on applying for something in the 90 days I would've just let this run its course, but I'm disappointed since I was going to apply for a card.  Is there a way to expedite removal of these alerts or will it take so long/is such a hassle that I should just wait out the 90 days?  Also, was the CCC right in putting these Fraud Alerts on my account even though I didn't ask them to or even know they were doing this?

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Re: Unsolicited Initial Fraud Alert

Sounds like this could be a mistake or fraud...I would call the CBs and ask them who requested it.

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Re: Unsolicited Initial Fraud Alert

In general any type of dispute with regards to inquiries is going to create a fraud alert on your credit bureau files. If you dealt with the CC company only on getting the inquiry removed I am a little surprised that a fraud alert was placed. If you called any of the bureaus in relation to the inquiry I would have expected it.


As to how hard is it to have the initial fraud alert removed I have no personal experience. I know I have read posts on the forums regarding the subject so you may want to do a search for them. I do not seem to have a brain cell that retained the information but another poster might. Besides at my age if I had retained it it might have knocked out something I need like remembering my home address or what car I drive.Smiley Sad

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