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Unused cards

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Unused cards

I have five credit cards, two of which I use regularly, one occasionally, one which holds a balance until I can pay it off, and one I dont see myself using anytime soon. I plan on putting aside the one I dont use and maybe the one I only use occasionally. Do credit companies close cards if there is no activity on it for a long time or will they just leave it be?

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Re: Unused cards

Some do, some don't.  Some have a six month cycle, some 12 months.  It depends on the company.  If you don't want a card closed, buy a pack of gum every 6 months.

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Re: Unused cards

agree with the djrez:


most will close six months to two years of inactivity.


best advice:


use them all every six months and pif!

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Re: Unused cards

Just try and use once every six months and you'll be fine.  Even if its just a $1 charge Smiley Happy

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Re: Unused cards

Guess I am lucky, my Sony Card was opened Jan 2008 (when it was issued by Chase), didn't use it and forgot I had it till I saw my CR earlier this year. Used it once for a promotion in 08 and just recently started using it again in Dec 2012, lol. 

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