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Upromise denial


Upromise denial

Honestly, I have been on an app spree.  It's been at least a year since I have applied for any new credit so I took the plunge.  I got approved for Walmart, Best Buy and Lane Bryant and another dept store card.  Feeling the need to apply for a real bank card I tried for the Upromise card since I do a lot of shopping online and it will help with paying back my student loans.  Unfortunately I was denied.  However, I'm thinking it may be due to the inquiries I've racked up.  Should I try to reconsider and where can I can I find the number to do so?

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Re: Upromise denial

Absolutely recon. UPromise is now a barclaycard, and they're huge on recons. The number is on the backdoor number thread it say Barclays - Credit Anaylst, and just tell them you want to do a recon and they'll be more than happy to help you. 


Good Luck!! 

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Re: Upromise denial

I was approved with quite a few inquires. Definately recon. It can only help.  You can try the backdoor numbers sticky or wait for the letter and see why they denied you. 

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