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Venting -- I HATE canned messages!

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Venting -- I HATE canned messages!

Through Alliant CU they give me a FAKO score.  Its a 'vantagescore" whatever.  Anyway, I watch that for trends during my rebuilding (just like I watch CK).. heres the latest 'reason' for not having a higher score with them:


1. Time since oldest account opened is too recent. <<<<  okay, this is true, new accounts added in June/July this year. 
2. The available credit on your open bank credit card accounts is too low.  <<<< I didn't think over 30k was low.. hmmmm
3. The balances on your open accounts are too high in comparison to their credit limits. <<<< who KNEW Zero was too high!! (okay i do have a car and a house but srsly?)
4. You have too many inquiries on your credit report. << I have 4...
just frustrating!!  thanks for reading... go have a cookie.
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Re: Venting -- I HATE canned messages!

they will make up ANYTHING....


weird though..

Ive noticed that even when you do get approved, they include the same reasons as reasons for "not the best terms" LOL...



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Re: Venting -- I HATE canned messages!

Those reason codes tend to go in ascending order from relevant to irrelevant, meaning the first reason code is generally the main issue for denial/not best terms/low score etc.

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