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Very confused and need help!!!First Time credit card user

I have the capital one secured credit card with a $200 limit. My statement date is every 24th of month and my due date is the 21st of every  month. 

Recently i had a dute date on Aug 21st and missed it. I paid the amount of 65.00 on the 24th and they waived the late fee. I was told by  capital one my credit report gets sent to the credit bureaus  on the 25th day after my new statement gets generated which is the 24th. Like will my statement to the credit bureas reflect my $134 balance that wasnt paid off on the 21st? or will it showed it has been paid off since i paid it on the 24th the day before it gets reported? My new statement showed today ihad a balance of 199.00, was the new statement i got today reported to the credit bureaus? Does the due date matter to credit bureaus  or just paying before the new statement gets generated to ensure they see i have paid my balance off?

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Re: Very confused and need help!!!First Time credit card user

Your credit reports will reflect the balance you had on the statement date, which would be $199.


Due date doesn't matter per the CRAs, provided the account is paid on time. One former mod suggested paying the minimum due immediately upon receiving the statement and then paying whatever you want to pay immediately prior to the statement date if you want your balance down.

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Re: Very confused and need help!!!First Time credit card user

So basically the new statement I get on the 24th every month is the report that will be getting sent off to CRA. Should I buy a little purchase between 22nd and 24th so I can have a little balance to show utilization ? I'm really trying to build credit and get back in good standing.
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Re: Very confused and need help!!!First Time credit card user

What you want to do is pay all but $10-20 before the due date.   Then after your statement cuts on the 24th you can pay the rest.  


You don't have to make a purchase between the 22nd and 24th.  In fact it might be very hard to do that, as the vendor might process the charge on the day you make the purchase, or they could wait a few days to process it.  I would be better to just pay down all but the <10% that you want to show on your statement.



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