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WAMU Declined Me

this bites, with an EX of 638, haha but i guess too many baddies, now gotta pay the piper with than inquiry

anyone have any luck with recons with wamu?
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Re: WAMU Declined Me

they declined me also. BUT I think that they blackball ppl with past CO with Providian  MY EQ was 658
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Re: WAMU Declined Me

I received an offer in the mail for WAMU, at first I was hestiant but I just went for it since my scores were improving. I went online and just filled out the info and it took about 30 seconds to approve me with a CL of $1000. I was in shock. At the time my score was 678 TU, EQ 699 and EX 650.
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Re: WAMU Declined Me

I had a  Providian card back in 2000-2002 that was eventually charged off (about $3500). Tried for Wamu and got declined. Called for recon and the CSR told me that I would be flagged permanently because of that CO.
oh well. Lots of other CC companies who want my business!
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Re: WAMU Declined Me

Wamu declined me, I can't get fico score with score watch since my credit history isn't at least 6 months long.. so can't give you those scores.. but my fakos were 674tu and eq 670ex from truecredit.
They pulled TU report and denial letter stated "not sufficient credit history".
Later I went in to the branch to ask if they have a student or secured card.. just so as to get a card for the inquiry hit. Got denied for 4 or more inq in last 30 days according to ChexSystems.
The secured card is a $29 annual fee and 19-20% apr for those interested. min 300 to open, rep said it was a new card or they recently started offering it or something. I'm going to try again in a few months.
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Re: WAMU Declined Me

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I remember getting an offer from Wamu in the mail several months back...I have no interest in obtaining the card though due to its lack of useful features for me.

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Re: WAMU Declined Me

I was denied by Wamu with a 740+, no baddies, 3 inquiries/24 months on CR. They denied me before with no inquiries with a lower score, and denied me again recently with a better score but had many inqs. Wamu hates me. :smileysad:
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Re: WAMU Declined Me

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I opened checking and savings a couple days ago in a branch. They approved me for a CC, but I don't yet know what CL they gave me. FICOs are low 600s. TU is what they pulled, and it's probably around 630-640.

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Re: WAMU Declined Me

They have been fair to me. I received an offer in the mail and was given a CL of 2,500 with only a TU614..

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