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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Just called the number and changed both cards to the Freedom card. The guy was very nice and it took no time at all. Will be recieving news cards for both accounts in a few days.

I was wondering if they would change the cards since a Chase credit card was listed in my BK 7 in 2004. I have had the Wamu cards for almost two years with a perfect pay history and low util.


Thank you for posting this information! I would not have known to call otherwise.


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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Update, got my new Home Improvements Reward card in the mail today and one for my AU Wifey. They are rather odd looking ducks. Orange-ish color with a paint bucket and brush, just says CHASE, nothing else.


Oh well, that's the important part I guess. LOL. Beats the daylights out of WAMU.


It should come in handy, I buy a lot of things that should be eligible.


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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Selling yourself over the phone or in person for the purpose of manipulating someone to do what you want them to do is no longer called "Sales" or "Gimmick" . . . . The new buzz word (phrase), is SOCIAL ENGINEERING . . . . :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Success!  Got it switched to the Freedom!  I am so excited!  Now if I can do something about the apr...

Thanks for the help FICO Forums!

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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!! Freedom at last.....

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Freedom at Last.........


Just got off the phone and FINALLY both accounts converted to Chase Freedom.:smileywink:

CSR changed one account to freedom(MC); then asked about other account(VS). Only card available was Freedom - PerfectCard not available for my accounts....


Unfortunately still at 31.99%. CSR said account reviewed every 3 or so months. See you in 3 months


Let's hope a little love will help the interest go down.... the interest go down.... 


Thanks for the counsel and backoffice number.


[Waited until the statement hit on one account. ]   


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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Hmm, I noticed a few of you mentioning you receieved your new Chase replacement cards after doing a product change from a Wamu card. Is everyone who did a product change getting new Chase plastic? I did one awhile back and am still using my Wamu card but I am getting the Chase rewards, and it is called a "Chase perfectcard" now.
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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Had great experiences with the WAMU card, was able to get wonderful customer service and the coolest balance transfer offers. Was I one of the few???


 Now that they are CHASE, I am quite dissapointed. They were not willing to help me until I called the backdoor number. Only then could I get changed to "perfect card"...I can tell that I am not going to like this company one bt...

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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Hey everyone I'm new to the boards. First thanks for all the great information that you all post it is really helpful. I sure wish I found myFICO 7 years ago when I got my first credit card at 18. I tried the number yesterday and the rep told me that I couldn't do a product change now because my Chase account is too new, however I've had the WAMU card since Sept 07. She told me to try again in 6 months.  I emailed and again they told me no.  I'm going to call back since it seems as if everyone is having success on their 2nd and 3rd call.
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