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WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

They transferred over all but $500 of each old Wamu/providian(cl of 3000 and 6300) to my Chase card(cl of 15000). So now I have $23300 on that one. They asked me what i wanted to do with the other 2 and I told them to close them. So the only negative is i lost $1000 in overall limit and will lose the history benefit in 10 years...I think i can live with that tiny dent. Now I just have to call Wells Fargo and cancel the $19 rewards feature on my card there and put everything toward the Freedom plus.
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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

I am new to the board, but I thought I share my experience..


I too just called the number provided by the first person, and to my surprise; the rep was able to convert my wamu platinum mastercard to the chase perfectcard. She asked me what kind of cash back I was looking for, and I said "gas." Then she offered me the perfectcard, which was what I wanted in the first place. I've had the card for exactly a year this month, and I currently have a $0 balance on the card. I did file bk7 back in 2006, which was discharged in 01/2007 in case some of you are afraid to call due to your bk. It shouldn't be a problem because they were able to convert with no problems at all! Thanks so much for the magic number.. =)

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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Nice post, tiffanie!  Welcome to the forum!!
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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

Worked for me too, although I did have to call twice, the first guy I talked to didn't seem to know anything about doing a product change and gave me a number to another department, so I called back and the next person I spoke to was able to switch me to the perfect card.
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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

I called that number, asked for a product change on my 4k wamu (now chase) card. She was very polite and said that the card does not have any offers to transfer.


Then I asked her if she can merge the credit limits from 4k wamu to 2.6k chase freedom card. She said she could only transfer 3.5k off 4k. I am happy with that. That is what I wanted in the first place. 


I like using one card with all rewards. 

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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

I called yesterday morning and the rep told me that my card was not eligible for a product change (she called it something else). I asked why and she just said it wasn't and to give it some time and call back. Well, I called back a few hours later and got a young lady who didn't bother to check if my card was eligible, she just started running down all the cards I could PC to. Because I was at work and needed to get off the phone, I opted for the Perfectcard for now, which will take affect in 3 business days. She told me to go to their website and see if there was another card I would be more interested in, then call her back and she'll be more than happy to PC my card to the new one. I was thankful and speechless.

I was informed that the Freedom was one of the better cards and that I'd have to apply for it. But that was the only card I would have to apply for.

At least I get some rewards now!!

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What the heck is up with EX? Jeez!
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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!

great scores, and excellent card U.


Ole my2.

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My recent correspondence with chase

March 22, 2009: 

I would like to have the Chase FREEDOM CARD REWARDS added
to my existing WAMU account ending in xxxx. I would use
this account for all my monthly expenses if there was a
rewards feature attached.
Thank You


Date: 03-25-2009 10:59:25 From: Credit Card Support Subject: Re: Rewards Inquiry Message:  

Dear xxxx,

As your credit card company, we value your business and
want you to be completely satisfied with your credit card
account. We appreciate your patience and apologize for
the delay in responding to your inquiry. At present, your
account is not eligible to be traded to a Chase Freedom
rewards account. Please check back with us again in the
future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

If further questions should arise regarding the
information above, please call me at the number below. If
you have concerns regarding any other issue, please
contact Customer Service at 1-800-436-7927.

Thank you,

Daniel Enriquez
Customer Care Specialist
Sun - Thurs 5:00 AM - 1:30 PM CST


Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
serviced by its affiliates.



March 25, 2009: 


I would like to convert my Providian Credit Card Account
number ending inxxxx to the Chase PerfectCard. I like the
rewards feature of this card.

Thank You,






Date: 03-26-2009 10:01:56 From: Credit Card Support Subject: Re: Rewards Inquiry Message:                     Dear xxxx:

Thank you for your recent enrollment in our Perfect Card
Rewards Program. Please allow 2-3 business days for your
account to update.

The PerfectCard Rewards will allow to earn 3% rebate on
all gas purchases within the U.S. and 1% rebate on all
other purchases. Earned rebates are automatically applied
as a credit to the following month's statement. There is a
monthly limit of $15 in rebates on the 3% earnings, and no
limit to the amount of rebates on the 1% earnings. Rebates
will expire if there are no purchases made within six
months. Please visit our website at for
additional information.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Lynette Edmondson
E-mail Customer Service Representative


The first request took 2-1/2 days to get a response.

The second request took less than 10 hours, from asking to updating my account:smileyhappy:.

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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!



Just called the number from the original post and "Patti" was happy to convert my exisiting $3.5k WAMU no reward card to a Chase Freedom Miles.  Took about 90 seconds for entire call!


Said takes about 3 days to setup and I will receive a new card in the mail with new terms and a list of the shopping places that give you triple rewards!


Thanks for the post.  Hopefully my APR will be reduced....was 29.99 Smiley Surprised

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Re: WaMu / Chase product change success!!!


Called yesterday (Sunday) for change told not available.

Just called Chase again for product change and was told that accounts have to go through one payment cycle with Chase before it can be entered into rewards program. CSR suggested I call back after each new statement hits.


2 Providian/WAMU accounts


Visa $3K CL 30% util 1K bal [ 30 day late 12/06]

MC $4K CL 20% util $800 bal


Tomorrow's another day! ! Smiley Wink



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