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Wait time between applications for Amex

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Re: Wait time between applications for Amex

ficofox wrote:

That 90 day thing may no longer be true because I was declined for Costco Amex on 3/25 and approved for Amex Platinum on 6/5 this year. Aftermath, I would just give it a go and see what's what. Good luck!




Costco (credit) and Platinum (charge) are different categories of products. I cant apply for a gold charge but was approved for Delta gold the day after hearing about 90 days.

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Re: Wait time between applications for Amex

OP, you have a Blue Cash listed in your siggy so I don't understand the grief over approving you for one of their charge products.  I believe those are the easiest of all to get.


Are you on good terms with Amex with your Blue Cash?  If so, call new accounts or a credit analyst and ask for a recon.  The worst thing that can happen is a decline so you've got nothing to lose.  Maybe offering to fax your EX CR would prove helpful.  However, if your other CRs have a baddie, proceed with caution.  It would be a major bummer to get initially approved only to have the new account closed upon account review. 


Good luck and post your outcome.


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