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WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

After my recent app success, I decided to try for WalMart Discover (we have a WalMart gas station near my house, plus the free TU score).  I apped online and got the 7-10 day message.  I called today, answered some questions and STILL was told 7-10 days as it has to go for "further review".  WTHeck?  She was all antsy because I didn't have a phone number in my name.  I explained that I only use a cell (billed in my name), but don't have a landline which seemed to throw her off.


Did I push the app spree fairies too far? :smileysad:

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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

I absolutely hate the wait message. When I app I want an answer yes or no! Lol

I don't think you can flat out app for the discover version can you? I believe you app for the card and the system determines if your worthy of the discover version. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.
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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

Yea, if you are applying online (I'm not sure in person) then you are applying for both the store card and discover, but the system will determine which you are approved for.  They probably just need to verify some info. Have you checked your CR lately? Give them a call again tomorrow to find out the status.

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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

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You probably called too soon for recon! I'd call again tomorrow!

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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

with store cards it usuually get a better limit if your at the store

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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

I got 7-10 day message last night. I'll b calling them today.

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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

Keep us posted! I am looking at getting the walmart card too.

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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

Good Luck

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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

Do you have a fraud alert on any of your CRs ?? A lot of times if you have a fraud alert on your reports, they will try to verify the number on the report? Maybe there's an old phone number or something?? This is why I get annoyed with creditors trying to verify stuff from reports because, as we all know, credit reports can def'ly contain inaccuracies :-/
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Re: WalMart Discover 7-10 days?

When I applied online last week I got the 7-10 and recon'd immediately.  Turned out I also had to answer the further verification questions. I don't have a landline either, I can't imagine that being an issue in 2012. I was approved at 600 for the store card FYI

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