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Walmart Credit Card

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Re: Walmart Credit Card

yes they are the same.

started mid 500's. Disputed incorrect items and within a month or two my scores have skyrocketed and continue to do so
EQ: 755 as of 8/2013
TU: 700
Experian(or as I call them, the devil) I have no clue, they haven't released my report
Goal=801 across the board!!! Not too far from this, hoping to garden until Christmas 2013
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Re: Walmart Credit Card

tboy1977 wrote:

OK, somebody help me, because I was declined and I WANT THIS CARD:


I called last night and was told to wait til end of the month and go into the store to apply for card again.  If denied, the credit underwriter can assist.  Why couldn't he help me last night?


Anyway, I called again today and the rep told me to send a letter with a credit report and they will respond withing 2 to 3 billing cycles (60 to 90 days).  **bleep**!!!!!!


Why do I want this card so bad?  The cheap gas (It's 3.74 a gallon by my apartment and 3.23 at Sam's in Gwinnett; with Walmart card that makes it 3.18, no?).   Plus, it's burning me up to be declined for something many people seem to get easily. 

I app'd today and I have 2 chargeoffs and 2 collections but they are 5 years old. Based on your scores I would say until you are in the 600 range, do not apply. I was approved for $500 and I am just happy so that I can get the FICO score since I do not shop at Walmart. I will use it and hopefully it will grow!

Starting Scores:
Lender Pull 7/10/2012 EQ 585 EX 617 TU 551
8/2012 MyFico EX 598 01/2013 EX 608 2/2013 EX 620 Smiley Surprised)
9/12/2012 624 (Fico Discover)
02/7/2013 660 (Fico Wally)
At least I'm heading in the right direction!!!

Goal Score:740+, home loan and Get rid of subprime cards!!!

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Re: Walmart Credit Card

Thank you for the info, I was concerned that because I had an old CO with GE, that they wouldn't approve me, so I researched GECRB blacklist here and discovered that they do NOT.  That encouraged me to apply, and I was approved!  And the account reported 1 day after I was approved, which dropped my util from 84% to 75%.  I know they report early to cover their butts, not really for us, BUT I appreciate it.  

How come I didn't get a ScoreWatch alert when the account was added??

Chap7 discharge 7/29/15
Fico 11/20: TR:595(high util)
Cap1(Plat+QS) 3500+2500/Merrick 1000/Express 1100.
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