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Re: Walter store credit card: research

Unoriginal wrote:
E strong, what were your scores? Any negatives on your account?

Sorry for the delay.... My TU was 691 on 08/09/2012 I have a BK from 03 a Collection from '07 one 30 late on my Orchard Bank/ Cap 1 23 months ago.


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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

This is probably a little late....


Just got approved for a Walmart store card $600. I don't know all my scores now, but my Credit Karma TU score is 583. I got denied for it back in July. I have 2 judgments, 11 collection accounts, and 7 inquiries on my TU report. I was shocked to get approved! So I kind of went out of control and applied for a few other GECRB cards - JC Penney $150 and Amazon $600. Got the 7-10 day message on a few others. I just got approved for Target also $200. I'm happy because these are placed I shop! Time to settle down...

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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

Approved today. TU score below.  I have one derog in dispute on TU. Approved for $900.

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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

I app'd for the Walmart Discover on Oct 30. Approved for $500.

Have one 6-year-old tax lien and three 4-year-old 30-day lates on one account reporting.

My TU08 FICO thru Walmart, as of Nov 8, was 698.


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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

mine was at a 645 TU and a $600 limit

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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

I applied mid or late Oct 2012 and was only approved for $400 (a bit disappointment) with 654 TU. 

no baddies. About 5 inq though. 

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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

Congrats to the recent approvals

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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

Received instant approval online today for the Walmart Discover card.  $3,600 limit.  They pulled TU.  My TU score from MYFico on 11/11/12 was at 790.  Only baddie on TU is one 30-day late from Feb 2010.  AAoA is 14 years.  Had zero inquiries on TU.

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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

Congrats!   And thanks for the info.

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