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What Credit Card to Get Next?

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What Credit Card to Get Next?

hey, currently I have 4 credit cards..


i have the:

BoA accelerated cash reward

Citi mtvU

Citi drivers edge

Citi dividend


 I use the drivers edge card to buy gas and groceries, use the mtvU card to purchase my school books and to buy food, then use the accelerated cash rewards card for my everyday purchases.


since ive gotten my accelerated cash card, i dont really have a use for my dividend card, and was wondering which other card i could PC into..

im not sure what other type of cards were a a good match for me, i was thinking about the premierpass elite card from citi,  but ive heard that its not worth it and might decide to just go for the regular premierpass card.i was interested in the PC from my dividend to premierpass because i could get thank you points from flying


anyways, i looked at creditkarma, and im not sure how accurate it is, but my credit score from that site reads 758.

any advice on what my choices on cards are? are there any good cards or something that could compliment another facet that my current credit cards do not cover? for example drivers edge covers gas, groceries (at 3% per $). while mtvU covers school books, movies, and restaurants/fast food (at 5 points per $). and lastly accelerated cash rewards gets me 1.25% on all my other purchases



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