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What Is The Most Embarassing Thing

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Re: What Is The Most Embarassing Thing

Oh! Along the "declined" vein of embarrassing brings two events to mind:

First was when Wachovia's VISA approval center went bottoms up for a few hours. Since most merchants just get a "declined" or "approved" message and not a "VISA's screwed up, it's not the purchaser's fault" message, hubby was humiliated in front of a BIG customer (a non-Wachovia card-holder). Wachovia DID give us one free movie rental at Movie Gallery, though. THAT completely mitigated the embarrassment, of course. *snort*

The other was when our bank account was cleaned out by I'net thieves. I went to the grocery store and ran my checkcard for a paltry $30 worth of purchases and was DECLINED. Since we had over $2K in our checking account, I figured it was Wachovia's VISA mistake AGAIN (see above entry). So I walked three steps to the grocery store's courtesy ATM machine, thinking to pay cash, only to find that the thieves had so generously left us a whopping $13. I had no other choice but to use another checkcard (we keep two checking accounts, don't ask me why) to pay and walked out, humiliated.

That's about it for embarrassing moments in public, I guess! Smiley Wink


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Re: What Is The Most Embarassing Thing

LOL@U_E. And I bet you were real hungry too!

I can't think back that far, but a couple of months ago I app'd for a CC with a local CU. They asked what CL I wanted and I went high because I only wanted one CC to pay all bills, so I told them $10K. I knew I didn't have the scores just yet, but like I said, I only wanted one CC with a high CL so I could pay my monthly bills. Had a BK from 2003 and no lates since 2002.

Long story short, they started cracking up when they saw my CR. So, feeling sorry for me and all, they counter-offered. They said, "$10K, we don't think so. Here's $500, now get your silly behind out of here!"

Well, I cried for a minute cause I was soooo embarrassed, but then I picked my head up and went on with life and my $500 Rewards Visa! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: What Is The Most Embarassing Thing

A CA called my father in law on the other side of the country asking for me. He then called my husband asking him why "some man" was calling him and asking for his wife. Horribly embarrassing situation and we both wanted to crawl under the nearest large rock.
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Re: What Is The Most Embarassing Thing

Ahhh..  it was the summer of '99 and I was picking up the check for dinner/drinks in Eugene, OR.  I had to stumble back to the table and tell my roommate and her bf that my card was declined.  Now, the bigger problem is that we had camped all the way across the country and I had NO backup funds.  Nada.  We had to cut our trip short (and miss out on the California redwoods) b/c I was broke.  My roommate paid for the gas and food on the way back and I paid her as soon as my next paycheck hit the bank.  But what an awful feeling.
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Re: What Is The Most Embarassing Thing

Anything leading up to and including my BK. It was horror for me.
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