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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

1997 with Key Bank MasterCard.  Ah yes, when my credit was so spotless it was non-existant.  They even were generous enough (since I had an account with them since I was a kid) to give me a $1500 limit to start.  Now my scores show my sad story on that once $8,000 limit in 2005.  Needless to say I no longer have it :smileysad:
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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

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fillibert wrote:
I go way back.  I got my first card (Bank of America Visa) in 1979.  It had a whopping $150.00 CL.  I was 21 (giving away my age) at the time.  Most of us that grew up in the 60s and 70s did not have very much exposure to credit cards.  I remember my parents paid cash for everything, and if they didn't have the money, they simply didn't buy it!  They didn't get their first card (Sears) until the 70s after already being married for 30+ years, and they rarely ever used that card!  I wish I would've followed in their footsteps!!!

Well the opposite was true for me.  My parents were both heavy users of CCs when I grew up.  I remember my dad picking me up from school and whipping out his gold card to fly me away to San Antonio for a weekend of Disney on Parade and paddle boats.  Even got to sit in the cockpit on that flight.  My only regret is that our parents reallydidnt discuss money matters with us.  They had that magic!!!
I got mine (probably off their good credit name) and made th mistake that as long as I had a card I could buy what I wanted.  That was the only card I had that was maxed out and overlimit in my life.  Had to give up about three years of it, eating in the chow hall and staying in on party nights when I was in the Air Force to pay it off.:smileysad:
In the military, you used to be able to get into serious trouble for bad credit so you couldn't afford it, especially with a security clearance type job.  Never wanted another credit card:smileyvery-happy:
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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

fused wrote:
Mine was a regular Sears card (at least I think it was a regular card) back in 95'. My first purchase was a brand new Compaq desktop.

Back in 06-89 opened small tl from Sterns Dept Score. After few months got citi mc back in 01-90, then came amex green card in 06-90 citi denver broncos visa came in 07-90

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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

Okay, had to join in:
Mine was Belk Lindseys in 1978,
I'd drive all over Florida looking for a Belk Lindsey store to shop!!! 
I even saved the statements, OMG!!
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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

I can't remember the year, 1994 or something...Macy and Bloomingdales with $100 limits. Back then I thought I was cool. My spotless credit (non existant) had 2 new accounts to draw on. 13 years later I'm waiting for the chargeoffs to drop off my last report this month :smileyhappy:
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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

discover student card then upgraded to plat card automatically
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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

fused wrote:
Some of you may know this but this Sears card I got, well, it was the first of many defaults. So question could also be, what ever happened to your first card. Is it still open or closed? Or did you do like me?:smileysad:

My very, very, very first card was a Phillips 66 gas card, back in the old college days. Back then, ccc's would send cc's out without even an application of any kind. They got lists from colleges and just massed mailed them.

And yes, I defaulted on it. They closed it, put it into collections. At that time period in my life, I couldn't have cared less about credit. My how times have changed
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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

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My first card was a Lloyds Visa, so far back that many of the Board members were not born  :smileyvery-happy:
And it was closed when I first came to live in the States for 2 years.  :smileyhappy:
My second was a Visa from an Ithaca Bank, closed when I left the States to go back to the UK

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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

Wow, I have never heard of some of these cards. Key Bank? Stern's Dep't Store? Llyods Visa? Assocaite Visa? Montgomery Wards? Guess it's because I live in Hawaii. Does anyone know if these cards still exist?
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Re: What Was The First Credit Card In Your Name?

A Discover (don't remember if it was student or not) in the late 90's.  First and still favorite card- cash back, no ratejacking- on the contrary, it was easy for me to call and get a lower interest rate.  Finally got it back to where I can PIF, so I'm effectively making $20-40 each month off that card (negates the interest I'm still paying to BOA...)
Funny- I used to bank with SunTrust, but when they wouldn't give me (a college student!) any credit card at all, I dumped them for a local bank, and got the Discover.  SunTrust lost a gob of money on interest payments over these years...
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