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What are the biggest limits you've ever seen?

I was just wondering, what are some of the biggest CC limits you have ever seen? (Doesnt include AMEX NPSL)


I think the biggest I've seen is like 250k on a palladium I think

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Re: What are the biggest limits you've ever seen?

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Well IDK if its really a "credit limit" since its secured, But I have an edward jones card linked to my line of credit with them and its for 540k but thats using my investment portfolio as collateral. However im not sure if I could actually charge that in one swipe, I think the plastic has a limit for security. I can also write specail checks against it too however.  Its also a strange line that the more I borrow the lower the rate gets. The gift is it doesnt report balance to the CR, but it also doesnt report it as a limit either (or even an account at all), Its purely edward jones internal. With a credit check at the time of opening and thats it. I have always thought thats how the pallidiium card worked too, No? However I manage my money with edward jones like somone would with JP morgan. But the way it works may be different, I just thought it was the same concept. Sounds like the card is sperate, but you are only eligible if you let JP morgan manage some of your money. 

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Re: What are the biggest limits you've ever seen?

My friend has the elusive amex black card.  No idea what limit is, or isn't, but it must be HUGE.   I'd love to be AU on that one!

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