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What cards are you wanting next?

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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

Anything better than what I've got, haha! Once I'm north of 640, I want chase freedom, and my main goal is their southwest rewards, since we fly to Indiana every summer!

Starting Score: 492 02/12
Current Score: TU: 668 (FICO), EQ: 668 (FICO). EX: 651(lender pull 9/27/12)
Goal Score: 660

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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

PC my US FlexPerks to Cash+ because of the bill pay rewards. I think that rocks!!

Starting Score: TU 686 EX 641 EQ 690
Current Score: TU 779 EX 767 EQ 740
Goal Score: 800 Club

BCE $12.5K, 5/3 Sig $10K, Wally Discover 10K, Cash+ $9K Sam's Discover 10K, Freedom $6K, Zales $5.5K, More $5K, Cap one $5K, Barclay 2.5K, Household Plat $1.5K, Household Gold $1.5K, Credit One $1K, First Premier Plat $.675K First Premier Gold $.65K
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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

Updated after more research, while tied to a tree in the garden:


AMEX Blue Cash Preferred

US Bank Cash+ Signature Visa

Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa

Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa
Citi Diamond Preferred Mastercard


Hopefully by September 2013, I'll go 5 for 5.

My Wallet:
AMEX Platinum | Discover It $20.3k | Chase Sapphire Reserved $16k | Chase United $12k | AMEX SimplyCash Plus Business $11.6k | AMEX Schwab $9k | AMEX BCEP $8.2k | Citi Costco Anywhere Visa $8k | Chase Amazon Visa $8k | Chase Sapphire Preferred $7k | Chase Freedom $5k | Citi Simplicity $5k | Paypal Extras Platinum $5k | Wells Fargo $5k | Citi Best Buy $4.2k | Citi Visa Signature $3k | Care Credit $3k
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