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Re: What cards are you wanting next?


credit ONE

 naaaaaaaaa just joking.


my next card is.........


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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

I'm not planning on getting any new cards just some PC


Classic Plat from USAA to a either the Active Mil Mastercard (goods perks for deployment or PCS) or the Rate Advantage Mastercard (APR as low as 6.9%). The classic plat i currently have will not grow past the $1K that it hagve as I was told numerous time and it has a $35 AF.



PC my Zync to the SPG (that might be a HP since it's a charge to revolver conversion)


Would love to get an upgrade to the Discover on my wally card


Hopefully a CLI on my Target


A VISA conversion offer on my ON store card.



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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

Just received my NFCU Plat, and Freedom this month. My plans are to PC Barclay Apple (or app) to a Ring, and try for a card from my mortgage holder M&T next summer.

Other than that life is good!!  

NFCU Cash Rewards 20,000,NFCU Plat 17,000, NavCheck 15,000, USAA Cash 4,000, USSA Rate Adv 2,000, USAA AMEX 3,500, Freedom 2,000, Capital One 2,000, Barclay's Apple 1,500, Barclay's Ring 1500, Various Store Cards.

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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

A target, discover and any visa or mc to replace my capital one and hsbc (now capital one)...but looking to get a mortgage by next year so trying to hold out on getting any yet.  Currently I have Amex Gold, Kay's, Victoria Secret, QVC and Cap 1 and Cap 1 (hsbc)

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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

I want the Citi dividend, us bank cash+ and Barclays priceline. Then my collection will be complete for half a year.
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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

I'm fine right now. Took on the Citi Diamond Preferred earlier this summer. Will probably go for the AE BCE next summer. Mainly for backdating purposes.

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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

CITI Thank you.


Mainly, because it is annoying that they send me a new offer every 2 weks.

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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

Blue Cash Everyday and PenFed Platinum/Travel Rewards for me :smileywink:

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Trying to stay in the garden...but also trying to get as many apps as possible for now :smileywink:
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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

Im craving the Barclays Ring card.... I want to joIn the Barclays family :smileyvery-happy: but I wish some day I can have a higher prime card like the Amex PRG or CSP or even the Amex BCP
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Re: What cards are you wanting next?

The only cards left for me are; AMEX BCP, US Bank cash+, and Penfed. 

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