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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet



Lake Michigan


Occasionally USAA Amex/MC


2 BoA cards used for BillPay

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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

i keep all the cards i use regularly in my wallet.


chase debit card

target red card

capital one

victoria's secret

best buy store card


my other cards stay at home.

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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

Heh, you guys are brave. Makes me way too nervous to carry all of them, so I just keep my Citi Mastercard in my wallet. If I ever lose my wallet somewhere, all I have to do is call one bank...

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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

I don't carry a wallet.  It's too dangerous.  I have a neat lil money clip with a couple of pouches that I carry in my left, front pocket with drivers license and whatever two cards that are going to be used this week.

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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

In MY wallet....Care Credit, DEBIT, Shell Gas and Paypal (DEBIT).....and CASH for now.  Things are TIGHT, so I want to buy only what I NEED...gas appears to be something that I NEED...even at inflated costs...grrrrr



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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

Discover More

AmEx Green

AmEx Blue

PenFed Plat Visa



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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

mjbfan79 wrote:

I know it's a bad thing just in case i lost my wallet but i keep most of my CC in my wallet.


I am just like you.  But, I separate it to two.  The ccs I often uses, I have it in the cc holder.   And the ccs I use once a month, I have it in the purse.  Becasue I don't know when I will need those ccs.  *Basically I uses those ccs at places where I can't earn bonus points.

So, I do have wallet protection ($2.99/mo) through Discover just in case.  *Not sure about keeping this service forever.

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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

Depends on the date of the month so I can PIF before CC statements cut.  My favorites are:

Discover More (for shop discover and 5% categories)

Nationwide Visa (for the 0% APR)

Amex Starwood and Blue Cash (for the points transfer b/w hotel and airlines, rental car premium coverage and ext warranties)

Addison Platinum Rewards (because they are my favorite credit union)

Penfed Premium Rewards Amex (3X pts on restaurants and 5X on travel)

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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

I keep them all in my wallet, and I keep that wallet in my front pocket, I tried the two-wallet system for a while but I went crazy deciding each day which cards would leave the house so I gave up on it.  Only exception: for many years I've been a volunteer for a Prison Ministry organization,and in there cash is not allowed so I must lock everything but my volunteer ID card and car key in my car.


I do have two keychains, one with just house, car, and mailbox and the other with office and various rarely-used keys.  Workdays I carry both keychains, weekends I take only the small keychain unless I have need for one of the rarely-used keys that day.


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Re: What cards do u keep in your wallet

I have a small, compact wallet where I keep my Chase BP Visa, my bank debit card, and Care Credit.  I get gas every 3 or 4 days & always do the BP for the cash back!  Got $50 in checks to deposit today!  :smileywink:


I also have a larger wallet/card holder with business cards & such, and one 3-page section has all my other cc's.  On a daily basis, this is all in my purse.  Should I stop somewhere on the way home, purse tucks invisibly under the seat & I *may* grab another card if I need it ... like if I'm stopping at Lowes, I'll grab their card, use it, wait a few days & PIF.  But going in the store, I also use the front pocket for my wallet! 

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