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Re: What companys only pull equifax

Ill try to find it i think it was in the toppic ware we were adding up limits
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Re: What companys only pull equifax

Hi...I think I found your list. This was in a post from 11-23 in the FICO scoring forum. I don't know how much of it is still accurate. 


No i have these cards and nothing changed on the collection. Nothing change with AAOA except it went up one month to 4 years 3 months and credit history is 16 years

8000 HP Card

10000 Discover 10.99F I think

3000 Sams Club

8000 Sams Club Discover 18.74V

2000 Khols

15000 Capital one 6.9 Fixed Doesent Report Limit

4x AMEX with 10000 Each 11.99-16.99 V

AMEX  12000 17.99

1 Amex Plat charg 20000 a month looking to get Black card

10000 TD BANK 4 Months old but has been on there 4 months

5000 TD BANK 4 Months old but has been there 5 months

4000 TD BANK Over Draft

5000 HP 

7000 Dell 28.99APR

2000 JCP 

1500 Walmart

5000 Walmart Discover 15.99

7000 HSBC 1500BAL Sister used it to pay her cards off and has been paying 700 a month but usualy I alway PIF 9.99V RJ to14.99V

2000 HSBC 9.99V RJ to 16.99V

2000 HSBC 9.99V RJ to 16.99V

1000 HSBC 9.99V RJ to 16.99V

15000 Juniper 7.99 Fixed

8000 Juniper 7.99 Fixed

15000 Juniper Dont Know APR

14000 Norstrums Limit Doesent Report 10.99V

5000 Citi New card 4 montsh old 14.99V drop .25 Apr a month up to 2 point Apr reduction

2000 Citi 14.99V RJ to 19.99V

7000 800 Matteres

49000 Citi Limit Doesent Report 9.24V RJ to 16.99V like this card i had got a 1.99F for the life of the BT and no fee 3 years ago borrowed the whole amount when HSBC Savings was paying 4.5 and payed it off when the intrest went down with the savings account

19000 Citi Limit Doesent Report 7.99V

25000 Citi 10.49V RJ to 16.99V

7500 Citi 14.99V RJ to 19.99V

22750 ATT CITI 9.24V like this card i had got a 1.99F for the life of the BT and no fee 3 years ago borrowed the whole amount when HSBC Savings was paying 4.5 and payed it off when the intrest went down with the savings account

15000 Boa 14.99V

10000 Boa 14.99V

25000 Boa 9.99 Fexd

1000 Boa 19.99

17000 Boa LOC unsecured 32.99

12700 Bloomingdales

11000 Macys

8000 Macys Visa 19.99V

5000 Macys Funiture

10000 Chase Saphire 12.49V 5Month old

15000 Chase Wamu 9.99F RJ to 16.99V

24000 Chase 16.99V

14000 Chase Limit Doesent Report 17.99V

2000 Chase 19.99V

8000 Best Buy Master Card 9.99V

14000 Best Buy Store

5000 Home Depot Store

7000 Kay

10000 PNC 11.99V 4 Months old but has been on there 4 months

12000 PNC 11.99V 4 Months old but has been on there 4 months

2000 Natulis Card

4000 Neiman Marcus

8000 Town North Bank

6000 Bill ME Later

5000 New Egg

7800 Target Visa

140000 Mortage throught Sun Bank I think  4.24 Fixed is 8 months old was 6.25 Country Wide before I only have this because its supose to rais my score just borroed the money and put it in a bank

300000 Mortgage LOC forget apr but i got for mix of credit

40000 4.99F PNC Auto loan thas has been on my credit report 12Months pay 3 payments a month only got for mix of credit

25000 3.99F PNC Auto loan that has been on my credit 4 months pay 3 payments a month but that has been there 4 months so i dont think that has anything to do with it only got for mix of credit

I had to send in fincials to BOA,Chase and Amex to get the cards but the otheres i got without sending in bank statments plus i let my mom charg about 15000 a moth on my cc and she PIF that is how i was able to gro so fast


Im a card addict i have a busness card holder that is full of them


These are all open accounts i have others that i closed 2 years ago i started 5 years ago with nothing and and a score of 500 and this is ware i am today i went all the way up to voer 800 fico but am 750is now and with the drop i pissed did fico change somthing with scoring as to how mutch credit you have that is the only thing i think that would have done it. I dont want to change anything the only people to rj me was citi from 9.24 to 16.99 with the if you charge 500 we will waive 10 percent of intrest with the new law when wll they not be able to RJ

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Re: What companys only pull equifax

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yea there are some store cards with 500-4000 limits but thanks i couldent find it :-) my spouce history is only 1.5 year no joint and i got her an 8400Citi 5000Citi 1500Discover 3000Boa and2000 Chase and 2000 amex ohhh and a 900 orchard lol all student cards..... i work for a privat company and my boss lets me charg all our invotory on my cards and writes me a check that is how i got ware i am :-) plus mom how did u find it i couldent.
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Re: What companys only pull equifax

I just hope somthing like that queen latifa movie doesent happen to me and i go rack them up cause i have 6 months to live lol and then it would take me 10 years to pay them all off if i move back in with mom or i would have to sell house to pay them all off lol :-)
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Re: What companys only pull equifax

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I am also trying to find a card company that pulls only equifax, I live in Tampa Florida and I am looking to get an open card account I am a 658 equifax.







Equifax (519) Transunion (481) Experian (501)

Equifax (581) Transunion (509) Experian (543)

Equifax (611) Transunion (536)

Equifax (658) Transunion (582)

Vantage Scores - Equifax (693) Transunion (608) Experian (620)

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Re: What companys only pull equifax

I just wonder...why keep these dogs:


2000 HSBC 9.99V RJ to 16.99V

2000 HSBC 9.99V RJ to 16.99V

1000 HSBC 9.99V RJ to 16.99V was very nice of you to let your sis combine her cards into one payment.  But I see you gave her the HSBC with the (ultimately) high rate, instead of offering up the 15k juniper at 7.99  <---not doggin' ya...just got a chuckle.  Thought I'd mention it reminds me of my own situation.


2 yrs ago my brother found a car for me & used his cc & purchased outright & I pay him off....almost done.  BUT, he never reads the literature they send him & he used that same card for a set of break MY car pmts had a 29.9% rate!!!! Smiley Surprised (the note said that any NEW purchases would send the rate to the new level)  Otherwise, it would stay at 12.9. 


He has called 2x in the last 6 mos & the rate is down to 17.9 right now.  *sigh*   Good thing I'm almost done!

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What companys only pull equifax

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She used hsbc for like 3000 but in the long run I let my sister use citi i got her 3.99 for 18 months i think but im the one paying it and i used citi cause ther card i let her use i charged 200,000 on in 3 years all my other cards top bal are like 1000-1500 other then chase i had used it for 6000 once and boa i used for 10,000 once on all my citi cards i charged over 450,000 in 3 years so i dident think they would mind it i figured if i used another card it may send up a flag and get cld and i dont close hsbc cause they are the oldest 6 years i think everything else is 3 years to two years old ...... Citi loves me and i have purposly carryed ballance on them and like 8 percent for a few months just to keep happy everyone else is pif if i said hsbc b4 i was mistaken . i have one citi that i got a car on 3 months ago for 21600 now the bal is 14500 i think and hers was 17000 like a month or two ago and now its down to 13000. i plan on having them all payed off in july augist at the latest. it sucks paying them off so fast i save 3000 a month and wont chang that but i went from being able to buy what i want to a 500 a month budget for gas and eating out and fun thing like movies.
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Re: What companys only pull equifax

Inquiries are the least problematic and IMO are over emphasized on this board.


Regardless of who they pulled, the NEW ACCOUNT and BALANCES will most likely be reported to all 3 CBR's.  Therefore, while you have no EQ inq's (dare I ask if you disputed EQ inq's to get the zero inq's?), you need to look at how many new accounts and your AAoA before considering moving forward, otherwise you may suffer AA in the form of:  CLD, closure, slower or no CLI on existing accounts due to "too many new accounts" or "too much available credit"


Anyway, look at the whole picture, not just inq's.


IMO  Smiley Happy


Happy New Year!



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Re: What companys only pull equifax

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Well im 15.7 years history and 3.3 years aaoa and i was thinking of adding myself joint to 2 of moms cards that are like 35 years old each the way i figure aaoa is you take how long each account is open add it up and divide by the total accounts and i figure if i go jont on 2 or 3 credit cards ill have 35years of histor and my aaa will go over 7 years.... that should through me into the 800+ fico i think
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