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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

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Depends on the week:


- AMEX Plat

- JPM Palladium

- Discover IT

- NFCU Cash Reward Sig

- Target store

- Wally store

- BOA 1-2-3 Privileges Cash Reward Sig

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?PC

Amex BCP - Grocery, Gas

US BANK cash+ - restaurant/bill pay/drug store

Walmart - Walmart/cash advance

BoA Travel Rewards - Back up/ travel purchases/5% back on toys, books, department, electronic and sporting good stores(targeted E-mail).



No Freedom or Discover for me this quarter.  Actually I already maxed out the discover 5% catagory plus an extra 2% so I can SD that one till the new year.


Amex BCP/BC/Zync - Amex Business GR - Barclays NFL Visa Sig 49ers/Arrival - BoA BBR - Cap 1 Quicksilver - Citi Forward/Preferred - Chase Amazon/Freedom/Ink Plus - Discover IT - Fidelity Amex - GECRB Amazon/Walmart - PenFed PRV - Target - USAA Amex - US Bank CASH+/Club Carlson
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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

Mine are in my siggy.  Gonna test the waters next month when my reports update and see if there really is a ceiling on Sam's and Lowe's. :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

I have 4 cards I carry with me:


Discover Miles

Chase Freedom

Citi Hilton HHonors Signature

USAA American Express Rewards



Citi TY

DCU Platinum

USAA Rewards MC

Care Credit

Comenity Smile Generation

Capital One Business Platinum

Citi Home Depot

Chase Southwest RR Signature

Unsecured Credit: Amex BCP $24,900; Chase Sapphire Preferred $24,200; Discover It $12,500; Chase Ink Cash $15,000; Chase Slate $13,500; Citi TYP $12,900; Amex SPG Biz $3,000; US Bank Platinum $8,600; DCU Visa $10,000; Logix FCU $15,000; Citi Home Depot $8,800; Lowes $5,000; Care Credit $6,000; Penfed Platinum Sig $16,000; Barclay Arrival Plus WEMC $5,000; Bank of America World Points Business Visa $8,000; US Bank PLOC Overdraft $1,500; US Bank Edge Rewards Business $10,000; PenFed PLOC $5,000

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

Why do you keep the BOA cash rewards around? =O seems like BCP destroys that card by far , looks like sock drawer material to me

If one also has BoA checking account, then the BoA Cash Rewards actually destroys BCP in the gas category. 3.3% return on the regular Cash Rewards, and 4.5% return on the Privileges Cash Rewards. Also, the "all other spending" category returns 1.1%/1.5% versus the 1% on BCP.


My wallet's in my sig, but here it is with more detail on how I use it:

Wal-Mart - Gas card. At $0.15 off per gallon I'm saving 4.2% on their already best-in-the-area premium gas prices. They may go back to $.05 at the end of the year, in which case I'll push gas over to the BoA Cash Rewards.

BoA Cash Rewards - 2.2% Groceries, 3.3% Gas when there's no WalMart around, everyday spending when my low limit allows it.

AmEx Zync - Paying cable and phone bills (2x points Connect Pack). Shopping at REI, Patagonia, local green businesses (2x points Eco pack), Travel purchases for work and pleasure (2x points Go Pack - not bad until I can get a higher tier travel card), department store shopping (2x points Style pack), everyday spending overflow from BoA since AmEx has me on a much higher hidden limit than the piddly $500 I get from BoA.  Basically this is my most-used card right now - practically everything but Gas, Groceries, and Dining goes here.

BestBuy RewardZone - Shopping at Best Buy, and dining, since it is my only dining rewards card right now. 

Barclaycard Apple Financing - Right now, just small purchases each month to keep it active. Once the new iPads are announced, I'll be using it to finance my upgrade at 0%.


In addition, I typically carry my HSA (Health Savings Account) debit card, my checking debit card, my health plan cards, and a few bills.




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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

Chase SP for resturarnts and travel.  AMEX PRG for gas/grocieries and everything else.  PNC Virtual Wallet Debit for cash.  Walmart for ammo purchases.  Express and VS for clothing and splurging on the wife.

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

Right side:

Left side:
JPM Select
Chase Freedom Sig
BoA Cash Rewards 123 WMC
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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

I carry all the cards in my sig....


FirstBankCard FICO 08 - 811
Discover TUFICO - 805
BarclayCard TUFICO - 799
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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

NFCU debit card, LifeTime Fitness gym card, license, loose pocket lint.

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

I have a Johnston & Murphy "super slim" wallet with 3 credit card slots - which means no apping since there's no room to carry any new cards!


-Amex BCE

-Chase Freedom

-Citi Forward

-BofA debit card if going to the bank

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