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What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

I am carrying:

US Bank Flexperks Sig

AMEX HHonors

Chase Freedom

Citi TY Pref


Next card on my list:

US Bank Cash+

Too many INQs & low AAoA so I'm off to tend the Garden.     Age:23    

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

Chase freedom
priceline visa
fidelity American
us bank cash (hoping for a PC in a few months)

Capital One Quicksilver- $5,400 | Chase Freedom - $8,000 | Chase Freedom Unlimited- $13,000 | Chase Amazon -$5,000 | Priceline Visa -$10,000 | US Bank Cash+ - $18,200 | Fidelity Visa -$10,000 | Sallie Mae- $10,000  | DCU Platinum $12,000 | Discover IT - $10,000 | Amex EveryDay - $25,000  | Amex BlueCash Everyday- $9,800 | Citi DoubleCash - $18,000 | Sapphire Preferred- $13,000 Freedom Unlimited$7,000 Blispay$12,000 | Chase Sapphire Reserve- $18,000 | Consumers Credit Union Visa Sig Cash Rebate$25,000

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?



Amex BCP (6% groceries, until cap kicks in)

PenFed Plat Rewards (5% gas, 3% groceries for after BCP cap)

US Bank Cash Plus (for drug store and restaurants, other 5% category is bill pay, not done from wallet!)

Fidelity Amex (2% where nothing else applies)

Cap One No Hassle Cash (1.5% when Amex isn't accepted)


Debit/ATM cards from Everbank, Capital One Banking and BoA



Not carried but used online:

Chase Amazon

Bank of Scotland Visa Debit (sterling chip and pin)



Citi AA (Amex and Visa)

Amalgamated Bank M/C

Barclays Rewards



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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

All the cards in my siggy are in my wallet. Usage details:


TD Bank Easy Rewards: 5x on groceries, gas, restaurants, and utilities until Feb 1st.

Orchard Bank Secured Card: Used once a month on a small purchase to keep it looking active

Chase Freedom: Use for it's 5x categories, but this quarter is a no-go for it Smiley Sad so I use it for the 1% cash back on all my "other" purchases that don't utilize TD's categories

JCPenney Platinum Credit Card: ALWAYS use at JCPenney! Every $100 = $10 off coupon for next month, up to 10 coupons a month!

Shell Drive for Five: Use at Shell station once a month to keep it active


Also have my TD debit card, ATM card, and GACU ATM card, along with my Target Debit redCard for when I pop into Target and want that instant 5% off Smiley Tongue


Then of course my license, student ID, miscellaneous reward cards, JCPenney discount card.

Quicksilver WMC $20k | JCPenney Platinum $10k | Drive for Five $800 | Freedom VS $5k | TD Cash VS $5k | CFU VS $14.8k | Blue Sky $13.7k | IT $28k | SavingStar $14.8k | BCE $11.3k | Macy's AMEX $7.2k | BuyPower WEMC $7.5k | CSR VI $13.3k | Diamond Preferred $6.5k FICOS: EX 775 EQ 764 TU 759 VantageScore 3.0: EX 759 EQ 757 TU 762
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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

I'm proud to say that Capital One is no longer in my wallet now that I have a CSP.


Chase Sapphire Preferred -- everyday spending + bills

Walmart Store -- gas (15 cents off/gallon) or Sam's Club since they don't take Visa

Discover More -- just in case I happen to make a purchase that can get 5% back, or if I'm at Sam's Club since they don't take Visa, or ShopDiscover

Amex Blue Cash Everyday -- for those rare occasions I'm buying gas or groceries somewhere other than Walmart

Target REDCard -- maybe used once or twice a year, but better to hold it all the time than miss out on 5%


Chase Visa Debit -- used only for ATM deposits/withdrawals. I'm thinking about having them issue me an ATM-only card and just keeping this one at home in case of emergency.


Everything else is [RF]ID or loyalty cards, but most of those are in my phone. I would carry my Freedom card to use on smaller purchases, but it's the one card that's carrying a (0% promotional) balance; I was still using it for a while with Blueprint Full Pay (and thus avoiding interest while carrying the balance) but it got too complicated to keep track of. With the way Chase is always sending me 0% access checks, my Freedom basically acts like a Slate.

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

Right now all spending goes through CSP. I'm trying to get that bonus!


Chase Sapphire Preferred (dining/travel)

Chase Freedom (5% bonus, everyday spending for 10% + 10 bonus point)

Amex BCE (3% groceries, 2% gas when freedom doesn't cover either)


Ally Debit Card (Free atms everywhere!)

Capital One Platinum $750 (3/11) | Macy's $2K (1/12)
Chase Freedom $4.5K (8/12) | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5K (11/12) | Amex BCE $12K (10/12)

TU: 751 (10/1/12 - Amex), 747 (5/23/12 - | EQ: 718 (10/1/12 - myFICO)
Gardening since: 11/12/12

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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

My amex green, bce, Citi forward and debit cahd.
Amex Everyday 6k || Chase Sapphire 5k || Buypower Card 5k || USAA Wounded Warrior Mastercard 4k || Citi TYP 4.9k|| Citi Forward 5.5k || Discover It 2k || Chase Freedom 5.5k || Walmart 1k || Chase Amazon 1k
Business: Chase ink cash 5k || AMEX Simply Cash 3.8k
Total CLs: 48.7k
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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

hmm ill update: 


Citizen's Bank Credit Card-5% on gas and groceries until jan 1% on everything else (will be pc'd to other card for 3% on most used category and 1% on everything else)

Chase Freedom-5% categories 

Amex Zync-Amex Charge Card

BOA and Citizens Debit Card. 


every other card is sd unless i go somewhere specifically like best buy, walmart, kohls etc...

Current: Discover Fico 709 3/15 Walmart Fico 743 4/15

Inquiries (24 Months): EQ 6 TU 1 EX 6 | Most Recent: 4/09/2015
Over 12 Months:9

2015 Goals:
Lower Utility
Earn Cash Back

Amex Zync(Unicorn)
Chase Freedom$1500
Discover IT$7,400
Citi DC $10,000
Citizens Mastercard$7,000
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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

Literally in my wallet right now:


Driver's License

Mohegan Sun Players Card (Went last week, forgot to take it out)

Pawtucket Credit Union Debit Card

WalMart Store Card

Starbucks Gold Card


Ball so hard.

  • Current: EQ FICO 706, TU FICO 701, EX FICO 706 | Starting Score: 525 (05/2012)
  • Starting total revolving credit: $1100 | Current total revolving credit: $36,700
  • Inquiries (12 Months): EQ 2 TU 1 EX 1 | Most Recent: 1/21/2014
Chase Freedom $9500
DCU Visa $10000
Capital One QS $2000
AMEX BCE $3000
Lowe's CC $8500
WalMart CC $3100
BOA Platinum $600
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Re: What do you ACTUALLY carry in your wallet?

Amex Zync

Discover More

Captial One Secured Card

Chase Debit

State ID

School ID


Path Smartlink

Three store rewards cards (CVS, Walgreens, and American Eagle)

Medical Insurance Card



Zync from American Express- NPSL
Amex BCE- $1,000
Discover IT- $1,500
Bank of America 1-2-3 Rewards-$1,000
Chase Freedom- $500
Capital One- $500
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