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What does this verbiage mean

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What does this verbiage mean

In many cases, Chase is able to provide instant credit decisions. However, this is not always possible and in some instances, applications are subject to further review. Chase is unable to provide an instant decision on your application which is being reviewed further. You will be notified in writing about the status of your application within 30 days.


They can't tell instantly??

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Re: What does this verbiage mean

The instant decisions are approved if your FICO score meets the minimums AND your CR content does not contain any "flags."


If you do not meet FICO or you have certain "flags" your application will be declined.  However, if you are right on the border of having certain FICO minimums and the "flags" in your content is not an auto decline, then it will be referred to a human review or "further review" process.


This can often mean that you are declined anyway, just don't know for 30 days.  But, it sometimes can mean that you are approved, but takes the extra time and review.


You could call the "back door" number for Chase and inquire about your application and may get a more immediate response from a credit analyst.  I would suggest this in your case.  Back door numbers are posted in the main CREDIT CARD forum thread

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Re: What does this verbiage mean

Ok thanks!! No biggie just keep having Continental Airlines tempt me with miles and no fees for first bag if I open a card.

I do fly alot so I said what the hell

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Re: What does this verbiage mean

It means that the computer couldn't decision your application so a credit analyst will be looking at your report(s) to make the final call.
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Re: What does this verbiage mean

Sometimes, like in my case, it simply means that they couldn't access the file and need to contact you to get that. My credit files all have alerts which forces everyone to contact me to make sure its me asking for credit before they proceed, this means I NEVER get an instant decision, unless they are talking to me in person at the time they pull the credit and can ask me on the spot the questions they need. So it could be that and of course it could also be everything txjohn told you as well.

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