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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

I guess my Amex BCP and the SPG - I got them both around the same time.  I liked the benefits for both (especially for the BCP), but I also heard how they were hard to get and that they were the top Amex revolvers, so getting them made me feel like I'd accomplished something.

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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

My dear Amex BCE.. Although it isn't my highest limit at a mear $10,500....
It's the most coveted card I have!! Lol great rewards too!;-)
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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

My Barclay Apple Visa, as it's the only card i've been issued that was given an auto-cli.


I did go on to get the Zync, Delta Gold, Gold PRG, and then Costco TE - but the Barclay let me know that I had rebuilt.

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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

For me it was two that I got at around the same time.  First was the Amex BCP.  It's a prime card with great rewards.  The second was my Discover card.  Not a super hard card to get but it was the limit at $5k which is over double any other starting limit I had and matched my highest limit.  I will consider myself there when my last two baddies fall off this year and I can get a low interest card.  Everything I have now his high interest, I want a low interest card.  I've got my eye on the Barclay Ring card. 

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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

To me It did not matter what type of card I would pull out, but I was very proud that I was able to be approved for an Amex card because in my eyes, I had only started 6 months before and here was one of the creditors who I had heard many stories about (always good things about customer service and benefits) granting me one of their cards was a moment that I thought I arrived. I went out to dinner that night thinking that I probably would not get approved but when I came back home, I checked my email and bam, I saw I was approved and that they were going to expedite it to me. The last card I have left on my wishlist is the Freedom and BCE, after that I'm done for a while. Most people dont bat an eye at the card I pull out, but to me, it was all the effort of keeping my credit clean and paying my bills on time and keeping my scores as high as I could was approved for a card from one of the most respected and largest creditors out there, and I am thankful that they let me into their ranks. 

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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

The AMEX PRG card let me know I had arrived.  My credit went down the tubes in 2004 with a job loss that resulted in several charge-offs, collections, and a judgment.  For AMEX to accept me with a judgment reporting.  Wow!!  I was floored. 

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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

Just getting approved for a credit card gives me that "I've arrived" feelings. It means someone out there knows I'm a responsible person. It paves the road for better things in the future. 

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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

Citi Dividend World Elite MasterCard.

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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

Definitely my PenFed card, they are super conservative and let me in with a lot of inquiries.

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Re: What is your "I've arrived" Card?

QueenofReinvention wrote:

Sorry, I certainly wasn't meaning to put words in your mouth! So, I'll clarify. I'm not impressed by peoples cards, BUT, knowing a card needs to be paid off within 30 days and a person uses that card freely and knows they have the means to pay it off within 30 is something that I respect and would like for myself, because as I said, I couldn't charge 10k+ to a card and pay it off in 30days.

Someone with a charge card can default just as easily as someone with a revolving credit card. You may see that person charge 10000 and they could have every intention of not paying it. American Express also seems to offer charge card holders to pay over time now.


I first "arrived" when I was approved for the Macys store card. It was the first credit card I was approved for and did not expect an approval, since I was denied about six months prior. I still have it and will always look at it higher than any of the better credit cards I have.

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