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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?

My Discover IT card is at $8500 limit right now.  Got the card (Discover More) in 2008 with a $1k limit and have gotten increases once a year I think...but by my requesting them.  I don't use the card much except when they offer a cashback bonus with spending incentive.  I tend to find Discover a little schizo :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?

$10k for me until I closed the card.


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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?

$500 since June. Tried to get a CLI to $1500... was denied, no counter offer. I should've tried for $1000. They said they'll be sending a letter why I was denied so I'll wait for that first. I was able to get $500-1000 increases on all my other cards... don't know why Discover is being so stingy with me. 

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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?

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Currently $15K.  Just got a $500 automatic CLI on a request with a hard pull.  Did a recon and got that bumped to another zero...$5K! 


That matches my BofA Cash Rewards and Merrill Lynch Plus cards for their recent CLI to $15K.

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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?


I got my discover last year in December with an initial CL of $4500  and after 6 months, with a HP, they increased it to $9,500



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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?


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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?

Discover IT $7200
5K 7.2K NPSL 7.5K 5K $800 :-(
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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?

$2,500... Had it for 2 months, I'm hoping I get hit with the Auto CLI on the 3rd month like eveyrone else, But that's highly unlikely due to my current balance.****$20,000**********$5,000***********$4,100***********$3,500**********$2,500***********$1,000****
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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?

Pretty disappointed to report my $1250 credit limit on my Discover IT card.  I got the student card at $500 and had a CLI to $1250 about a year ago.  I've been with Discover for almost four years now, from the looks of it I should probably request an increase. 

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Re: What's your Discover Credit Line?

$1000 for me. About to SD them for the remainder of the year.

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