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What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

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What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

Hi, Don't get me wrong, I love Discover, but I'm having a hard time seeing which stores would be good to use it for.  Amazon normally meets all of my needs, so I'm not used to shopping around often but I'd love to get the extra cashback bonus if I can... but there seems to be a lot of restrictions. For instance


Staples: Offer not valid on GPS devices and GPS accessories, PDA's, cameras (including camcorders), scanners, and digital frames. Also not valid oncomputers, software, hardware, drives, memory, printers, copiers, fax machines, custom printed items, premiums and items sold on 


Which seems like all of the items in the store Smiley Tongue


I thought the new iPhone was goign to be my first 5% bonus from Apple, but after I ordered it through there, the disclaimer went up that the 5% cashback is not valid on the new iPhone.


So.. I know I've seen people who love Shop Discover, which stores do you use it for?

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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

Most the restricions seem reasonable to me. I would probably never buy any of those things there anyway.


I like the 5% bestbuy one., though not too happy about not valid on computers

  • Offer not valid on laptops, desktops, hard drives, Geek Squad services, online photo center sales, digital downloads, long distance or internet sales, or mobile plans
  • Offer not valid on gift card purchases (This I can totally understand!) 

Also wished I knew about %15 back at groupon, back when it had good things

Another one I might use soon is 10% back on vista print.

(also %5 back at hotels through certain websites like orbiz)

Also if you ever plan on getting something direct from the makers website, I'd check this.



I certnaly don't expect them to lose tons of money, I always think of the 5%-20% back as a bonus, so I don't buy anythign I wouldn't get without a discount.

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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?, kohls, Sears, all 10% and, lenovo, bestbuy, autoparts, groupon. And many more.

You have to know how to use it right and combine discounts. For example kohls often has 20% off codes, when used with shopdiscover that's 30%. And you can get gift cards for 25 for 20 making the 30% go even farther. If your into Slickdeals you'll quickly see how great SD is.
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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

expedia, wal mart, best buy...


just to name a few!

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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

Wal Mart and Dell.  Love dell xps and alienwares so I can save a ton on a 2k laptop.


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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

  • Apple
  • iTunes (I don't buy much music, but apps from the iPhone AND Mac app stores are billed by iTunes Smiley Wink)
  • Ulta (for my cologne addiction)
  • (again for cologne. It really is an addiction lol)
  • (for books)

I've also used travelocity for airline tickets and enterprise to rent a car. 

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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

Wow, didn't know discover gave 15% back on groupon. I've bought a bunch of things there, seems I missed alot of money. Is it restricted or is it anything you buy from groupon?



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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

Well it used to be to where you could buy anything but now I believe you aren't able to buy groupon goods, or groupon trips, etc. I think the only thing you can buy is the daily deals in which the 15% if valid for. This is my understanding from their customer service.

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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

I've used it recently for athletic wear from Nike.

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Re: What stores are ShopDiscover good for?

I get my contacts prescription filled through a ShopDiscover link. Bought the rMBP I'm typing on right now through a ShopDiscover link. 

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