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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

Finding out I have a JCPenney credit card that I opened 12 years ago but didn't remember having. It was open but inactive, so I called them for a replacement, which they did without a problem, saving my oldest card by three years.


Aside from the CLD I got from HSBC in February, it was a good year. Three new cards (including one with my highest limit ever) and an auto loan. I also found out that anybody can join a credit union, regardless of what affiliation they have.


Most shocking credit moment of 2009: pulling my EQ FICO and seeing it at 803. After 7 years with a dozen or so derogatory accounts, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it wasn't that.

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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

US Bank extending me $27,000 in new credit. 
TU 794 8/5/14
EX 785 8/5/14
EQ 752 7/28/14

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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

first, citicard RJ to 29.99% without default or misdeed :smileyindifferent:


the next month, approved for my largest starting CL from nationwide bank!

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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

My biggest shocker was also the 29.99% RJ from citi. I was at 7.24% variable, and thankfully I was able to opt-out of their RJ and pay down my 14k at a decent rate.

Second would be getting an automatic CLI from Capital One after years of being at the same credit line of 7,500, which they told me was the "Maximum credit limit for my card type" they raised it to 9,500


lastly, I received a RJ notice from Chase to go from 6.25% up to 15.99% but---heres the real shocker---they never increased my interest rate. It was supposed to take effect in October...I called customer care and the representative advised me they decided not to raise my interest, afterall! What are the chances of that!?! especially with all of the CLDs, account closures, etc from them recently....

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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

Multiple new unsecured cc with my highest CL @ 10k & my lowest @ 5k.  All a direct result of the valuable info. found @ myFICO.  I was reckless in my youth and now I've come into my own, simply said.....matured! 
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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

WFNNB removing ALL my lates (including the 90) without even blinking, finally getting me out of the major derog bucket.

And along with BungalowMo, qualifying for Navy FCU, as the daughter of an Army officer who passed away in 1980 and certainly never belonged to anything Navy-related.
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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

Mine would fall under "new credit card that I never wanted, didn't think I'd ever be approved for, but got under duress, and has turned out to be a good deal" LOL!


After a really boring first three quarters of '09, the big shocker for me was getting the Costco True Earnings Amex card. The one company that I was absolutely certain that I'd never-ever-not in million years do business with was American Express. It's no exaggeration, either-- I didn't ever see myself as an Amex customer, and frankly figured that they'd laugh heartily if I ever applied. One Costco trip disaster lead to another, and I found myself an Amex customer. And {{shockers!}} I'm finding that I like it. This card is rapidly becoming a favorite, and I'm finding that the overall experience is nothing of the horror that I'd imagined it would be.


Never say never, I suppose.


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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

Two shockers from me. One negative, Chase not honoring the low-rate transfer checks they invited me to use as a "preferred" and "valuable" customer (they actually slashed all of my limits with them and then declined the check). The other positive, Discover discontinuing their requirement for three CC purchase transactions to keep the 0% intro going (so come February I will overpay to kill the purchase APR and have a card with a 0% APR balance). I would like to give my former Chase spending to Discover, but don't want to screw up the 0%.
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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

AMEX upgraded my card to platinum....nice for travel and events

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Re: What was your 2009 Credit Card Shocker?

Chase - Citi - BofA


The grand triumvirate of customer disregard. What they did separately and collectively to their account holders in 2009 was totally appalling. (I'm so glad I avoided the tag in each case!)

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