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Whats the difference???


Whats the difference???

Whats the difference between having $0 reporting versus paying in full after it is reported eventhough it is less 10% utility usage? Does it really help a lot on fico scores? To my opinion, having $0 reporting, it looks like the card is not being use when someone looks at your credit report eventhough you are paying it all of it before it reports. Can anyone have any suggestions or opinions about this. Thanks a bunch.  
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Re: Whats the difference???

The standard on reporting is to have half or less of all of your accounts reporting a balance, and less than half of your revolving accounts reporting a balance. So, if you have a car loan and a mortgage reporting balances, and you want to let 3 cards report a balance, you'd need 5 more cards, for 8 total. That would be 5 of 10 accounts and 3 of 8 cards reporting a balance.
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