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Re: Whats your combo?

I was using my Discover IT for gas but I think I might start using my Freedom for gas this last month.

The truth is out there...
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Re: Whats your combo?

At this moment i use the Discover IT for Gas only, Amex BCE for groceries only, and the CSP for my traveling and dining and everything else that isnt gas or groceries.

EQ FICO - 725 (9/11/13) TU FICO - 724 (6/27/13) EX FICO (6/30/13) 755 AMEX
Im my wallet - Cap1 Platinum MC(2000) Chase Freedom(1500) AMEX BCE (7000) Discover IT (8000) CSP (15000) Cal Coast CU (8000)
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Re: Whats your combo?

In my wallet at the moment are:


1. Citi Forward Visa Signature (use for 5% restaraunts, movies)

2. SPG Amex (use for all other types of purchases - 1% points)

3. Priceline Visa (use for all other types of purchases where Amex is not accepted - 2% points)


I rotate the others in for low APR, 5% rotating categories and/or other spend promotions.

FICO: EX: 743 (10/14); TU: 758 (9/14); EQ 721 (9/14)

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Holding off apps until the end of the year! Wish me luck!
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Re: Whats your combo?

Right now:


Everything - CSP

Gas - Freedom

Business - CapOne Spark Miles



Never take credit personally

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Re: Whats your combo?

AMEX SPG-Everything

Chase Freedom-5% Category Spend (gas at the moment)


AMEX Green & BoA Cash Rewards go pretty much unused. Just got the SPG, need to get going on that minimum spend. 

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Re: Whats your combo?

Currently in my wallet:
Student Discover It & BankAmericard Platinum Visa
Patiently waiting for arrival! American Express BCE :smileyhappy:

Discover It 2,500 CL
BankAmericard Platinum Visa 1,500 CL
American Express BCE 2,000 CL
Gardening until 8/14
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Re: Whats your combo?

ag760 wrote:
Currently in my wallet:
Student Discover It & BankAmericard Platinum Visa
Patiently waiting for arrival! American Express BCE :smileyhappy:

I mainly used the BOA and CSP for daily purchases. I'll get around to getting a freedom card and a SPG, maybe January. I need to do some pruning or gardening, my goal is not to be stuck with any low limit cards under 10k cl.

AkAir $50k | Freedom $35k | Marriott $32k | AkAir $17k | SPG $15k | Fidelity $10k | Discover $9k | Local CU $8k

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Re: Whats your combo?

[ Edited ]

BCP/Costo---Groceries and Costco

BofA CR- Gas (and some groceries)

Marriott- Hotels

United-Travel Tix and Bills

Citi TYP-Clothing and everyday spend

CitiAA-Travel and Bills

Barclays-clothing and Gas


I have stopped using and SD the following cards ( Cap1,Discover, US Bank, Citi Simplicity, Walmart, Dillards, Macys, Amex Green) The Macys and Dillards will use come November/December.

Cards: (Citi- 82.7k) (Chase- 65k)) (US Bank- 18k) (Amex- 22.5k) (Barclays-40k) (BofA- 68k) (Cap1- 49.5K) (WF- 11k) (Penfed- 22.5k) (Discover- 8k) (Sync/GE- 15.7k) (NASA- 30k) (Diners- 15k)
Fico 08 scores (8/27/14) EX: 772 TU: 767 EQ: 778 (Utilization at 8% right now).

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Re: Whats your combo?


Discover - 5% rotating cashback

BofA 3-2-1 - 2% for groceries

Target Store Card - 5% cashback at Target

B&N Mastercard - 5% cashback for B&N purchases (nice since e-books don't typically get discounts otherwise)

Delta Skymiles Amex - 2x miles accrual for flights

Paypal Business Debit Mastercard - 1.5% cashback (catch-all card, though technically a debit not credit card)

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Re: Whats your combo?

At the moment my rotation looks like this:


Discover It or Freedom- gas

Chase Sapphire- dining

BoA- groceries

Capital 1 Quicksilver for everything else

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Current cards: CSP - Freedom - Discover It - Amex BCP - BoA BBR - Capital One QS and QS1 - Citi TY
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