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Where is the Luv button??

Hey, is the Luv button gone on everyone elses Citi account?  There isn't one on mine anymore.....:smileysad::smileysad:
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Mine's still there.
I do know they've been doing some redesign on the site, and other people have mentioned that it comes and goes lately.
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Mine is no longer there as well. I also attempted to go there by the drop down menu when you first log on, and the general error code stated the following : This service is not available for this account. Keep in mind that I've been a Citi card holder since 1994 and my CL is 21K. I'm thinking that I've been capped.
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Mine is gone too, probably because they just gave me a CLI.
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

With the new site redesign, I've been wondering that myself. Although they also just gave me an increase (and about time too, I was at 7 months!) I have yet to see anything in the drop down menus about CLIs though.

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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Mine are still there, but then, I don't have a straight Citi bank card --just a Home Depot store card and a cheesy pitiful Sears MC that's on Death Row.
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Mine are still there.
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Mine seems to disappear and reappear.

It's been there as of recent. I clicked it to see what it would happen and it took me to the dreaded form. I then logged out.

I guess I should have expected that, since they told me I can't ask for a CLI until after 6 months. That should be in about 2 weeks.
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

Mine has never gone away, however everytime I have clicked on it I get an instant message - no form or anything, with a number to call. It is always a denial, the letter shows up a few days later.

I've had the card for over a year - I'm not clicking mine anymore!
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Re: Where is the Luv button??

I didn't realize Citi had a LUV button until this post. After finding the button, and accepting an offer for a CLI this morning, I returned to the home page and the button was no longer there - Surely because I had just accepted an offer minutes prior.

My thinking is that the database keeps track of when auto-generated CLI's are available, and if they are, show the button...

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