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Which CC to apply for?


Which CC to apply for?

I just pulled my CR from myfico and my scores are TU 636 and EQ 645.  Anybody know which store cards I could get with those scores?

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Re: Which CC to apply for?

When my scores were about that range, I applied for the following:


Kay's Jeweler (approved)

Best Buy (Visa( (approved)


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Re: Which CC to apply for?

With scores in that range I got:



Old Navy


Bass Pro




GEMB issues the first 4. They seem to be pretty forgiving with past credit mistakes, just don't expect a very high credit limit and if you get increases they are few and far between.

Good luck.


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7/6/2009 Equ 664 TU 680 (15 and 19 point jump respectively this week, over 100 point increase in 6 months)
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