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Which banks offer Checking + Credit card bonus?

I'm a big fan of the Chase Trifecta which gives 10 points for every freedom Transaction then transferred to sapphire it's worth 20% more towards travel.


I heard something about Citi bank and US Bank as well, just trying to figure out what each bank offers


I think I heard Citi checking savings + account = 1000+ points per month

and I think I saw where it said US bank offers more cash back on their rewards card (not much like 0.25 or 0.5 etc)

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Re: Which banks offer Checking + Credit card bonus?

I known Chase does....

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Re: Which banks offer Checking + Credit card bonus?

Us bank and BofA do too.
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Re: Which banks offer Checking + Credit card bonus?

Bank of America offers a 10% redemption bonus on their BankAmericard Cash and Travel products, and a 50% bonus on their Privileges card. AF on the Privileges card can also be waived through assets with BofA/Merrill, which is normally $75.

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Re: Which banks offer Checking + Credit card bonus?

Citi- minimum of 600 thank you points/month if you open their "basic checking" account, along with a savings acct, 1 bill pay/month, 1 durect deposit (or ACH credit)/month & you set up auto transfer for t least $10/month fom your cheking acct o your savings acct. it translates to t least $72/year in gift cards plus they're offering a signup bonus of $100-$300 in gift cards.

If you open a higher tier checking acct you get more points. Plus you get points if you have a mortage, loan, or line of credit with them. The max points you can earn per year from the banking end is around 25,000/$250.

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