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Which cards are easiest to get w/out killing you with "fees"?

I'm in the process of rebuiling my credit (see scores below).  I currently have 5 open CC per the following:


     Eufora (this is a pre-paid CC that has a credit builder program - CRAs treat it as an installment accout) - I actually LOVE this card b/c my husband and I go out alot and the bars always want a card to hold to start a tab - this card is PERFECT for this!  If someone steals the cards/copies the number, there's NEVER any money on it (I put $10/mo on it and they charge me $10/mo for the credit builder program)!  The joke's on them!  NO RISK!! 

     Continental Finance ($300 limit)

     First Premier (was $300 limit, but just received a $100 CL increase today)

     Chevron ($700 limit right off the bat!)

     Shell (applied for/received the same day as Chevron, but only a $200 limit)


Two months ago I was declined for a Beall's account, but would like to have a department store card (and Bealls is THE ONLY ONE THAT I REALLY WANT).  Any ideas which department stores are most likely to extend credit based on my current scores?


Also, I'd like to have another major CC (not sub-prime) - any ideas (other than secured) which companies are most likely to extend credit based on my current scores?  I usually pay only pennies of interest between the Cont. Fin. and the First Premier card b/c I don't carry much of a balance, but the monthly "service fees/account maintenance fees" are ridiculous.  They even charge to make payments online (I mail mine)! 


I've watched my reports for the last several months and I know within a day or so of when each one of my cards reports my balances to the bureaus - and I just make sure that my balances are below 20% utilization (or less) by then!  It's a great system if you have the time to really watch/pay attention.


05/04/09 - FICO scores: EQ - 660, TU - 647
04/21/09 - FICO scores: EQ - 711, TU - 642
02/28/09 - updated Tri-Merge: EQ - 699, EX - 651, TU - 571
09/01/08 - starting scores (Tri-Merge Morgtage Enhanced): EQ - 607, EX - 556, TU - 534


10/01/09 - FICO scores: 11/05/09: EQ - 722, TU 637 EQ - 713, TU - 622
07/01/09 - FICO scores: EQ - 696, TU - 622 (Asset Acceptance reinserted as a new collection)
06/01/09 - FICO scores: EQ - 637, TU - 641
05/04/09 - FICO scores: EQ - 660, TU - 647
04/21/09 - FICO scores: EQ - 711, TU - 642
09/09/08 - Mortgage Enhanced: EQ - 607, EX - 556, TU - 534
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Re: Which cards are easiest to get w/out killing you with "fees"?

Probably best, IMO, would be a secured card with a prime bank or a good credit union.  These do require a savings account for collateral, but you own the savings and collect interest.  And you really should be saving anyway, so this lets  your savings help in two ways:  the savings aspect, plus building credit.


These cards usually have no fees, unless you go with a subprime secured card.

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Re: Which cards are easiest to get w/out killing you with "fees"?

My oldest account is a store card for Palais Royal. It is a multi use card that can be used at Bealls/Stage/Peebles also. When they approved me in Nov. 1999 I had horrible credit I filled out an app. on my birthday when the lady came back and said I was approved you could have knocked me over with a feather. Your scores are a lot better than mine were when my card was opened. But then again WFNNB took over my account 5-6 years ago.  There are no fees but the APR is kinda high. 21%. Usually just charge something then PIF. Good luck rebuilding and maybe Bealls will be in your future.

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