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Which to pay to Increase score????

Hello all, I am trying to get my score back up. And need to know what would be the best way to do it.


 Here are my cc balances. 



Mcys- Bal-$530/ CL-$1,100

Khls - Bal-$143/CL-$300

Tgt- Bal-$225/CL-$500

Httr- Bal-$102/CL-$500




NFCU- Bal-$4559/CL-$5,000


Would it be best to bring the utilization down to 10% for all the cards except the NFCU. 

Our should I put all money toward paying down the NFCU card. 

I figured if I paid all the others down then I would only have 1 cc bill. 

What would be the best situaiton to see an increase in my credit score?


Thanks for your help. 

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Re: Which to pay to Increase score????

If all your accounts you have, have balances, I think you would see the most score boost by paying as many off as possible.
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Re: Which to pay to Increase score????

Hi Pushingfor 700! :smileyhappy:


If high utilization is the only thing holding your scores down, then getting your utilization down to somewhere between 1 and 9%, with less than half of your cards reporting a balance (ideally only one) should give you a significant boost. Currently, your overall utilization is at 75.69%. Three of those cards are maxed out at over 90%-- that's hurting you a LOT.


How much money do you have available to reduce these balances? Do you have a lump sum that your were planning to use in your debt reduction? Are you inquiring as to how best to snowball the debt?


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Re: Which to pay to Increase score????

I have about $2200 right now. And that  would cover the all the cards with the exception of the NFCU card.
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Re: Which to pay to Increase score????

Personally... I would pay off all the other cards and requet CLI's from all of them especially NFCU to 10/15k
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