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Who has an SDFCU Visa?

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Re: Who has an SDFCU Visa?

tray wrote:

What are you looking for is it a card that has the potential to offer a high cl if that is the case I would definintely try for the duck card alot of members have been successful with pretty high limits, I wish I did not have some many accounts opened this year I would have jumped on the bandwagon myself

If you are looking for a card with a low apr and chip and pin technology then sdfcu is a good choice.  I am a member and recieved a pre-approval see my recent thread 

If I was you and was interested I would just call the lending department the application process will be faster you can speak with a loan officer right there it is a hard pull EX and probably might request 2 paystubs overall you have a good chance I recieved my REAL EX score in the mail from sdfcu totally different from this site at is was only 694 too  many new accounts and still recieved a good cl.  I wish you all the luck.... go for any of these cards you will not regret.

Thanks for input, tray. I'm looking at at both SDFCU and Duck/Beaver. I'd like to add 1 or 2 CU cards that have no AF, FTF and come with good CL.


I'm planning a trip to Europe next year so the SDFCU will be ideal for that.

FICO 08-EX: 746 TU: 752 EQ: 750 AAoA: 4yrs TLs: 40 Neg: 0

Credit Limits: $300,000+
Miles: 400,000+
MRPs: 200,000+
Cash Back: $2,000+
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