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Who pulled EQ

Hi out there,


I am rebuilding after a Ch7 two years ago.  I have a lot of small cards with a guud ult.  I would like to app for a couple decent cards with good limits.  EQ by far is my best score and I was curious who recently applied and had eq pulled.



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Re: Who pulled EQ
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Re: Who pulled EQ

Eq was my strongest report as well. I believe GEMB is a big puller of EQ. This is a few of my Eq pulls over the past several months.



Wal Mart

Sams Club

Circuit City (chase)

All was approved through Eq.

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Re: Who pulled EQ

It all depends upon where you live. A lot of credit unions pull EQ. Can you get into Navy Federal? GE might be a little tough right here. A lot has changed in just the past month or so. Gotten even tighter.
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Re: Who pulled EQ

I live in missouri, I know gemb is a equifax puller. my jcpenney was pulled from equifax. my kays jeweler was pulled from equifax.  
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Re: Who pulled EQ

I live in texas this helps!  Thanks any others?

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