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Why do people apply for store cards?

During my app spree last year, I was denied for a Bloomingdale's card which i thought was odd because at the same time, I was approved for Amex Zync, Discover, DCU and Associated Bank cards.


I'm preparing for another app spree sometime this year and I couldn't help but wonder, why do people apply for store cards?

Most of them have low limits, high interest and you can only use them at a specific store.


Why waste a hard pull when you can app for a Mastercard/Visa/Amex/Discover/etc or on a card that you can use at a lot of places...


Is there a special incentive with store cards aside from the occasional discount etc?

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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?


Many people get approved for store cards, albeit with low limits, when they can't get approvals from other banks / CUs, etc..    Some store cards have lower approval criteria due to this fact, so they are popular with rebuilders.


Also some store cards like Target offer a discount every time you use the card in store.

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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?

Ah, some store cards will confer added benefits and perks that are unique.


For instance, the Nordstrom card will give you some extra discounts, invitation only events, and even make their return policy more liberal, if you can imagine that.  Nieman Marcus used to be the only other card they accepted other than Amex.  Or, at Macy's, some of their coupons and specials can only be used if you have or pay with the Macy's card.

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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?

I have a Belk store card because I used to work there and the discount with the card atop of my associate discount was quite nice.


I have a Amazon store card because I do 99% of my shopping via Amazon


I have a Walmart store card because I like the FREE monthly TU FICO Score.


All of which are GE backed and offer NICE CLI 3x/yr.

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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?

Also some store cards offer financing options (like walmart and amazon)
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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?

I only have a Sams and Walmart store card because they would not approve me for the Discover version.

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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?

Easy to build credit!
Higher limits!
And MONEY SAVING benefits!!!
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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?

+1 to everyone


I love my Amazon card because of the special financing and multiple CLI 

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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?

You might start off low but you can end up with high limits

I have mine simply for the perks. Especially NYandCo and Gap and Old Navy.

I think I average about 4 or 5 20.00 certificates a year from NyandCo

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Re: Why do people apply for store cards?

If you are a regular shopper, Store cards offer a lot discounts and special deals.   Some offer lot 0% deffered interest deals.   For me, store limits have bigger CL.


Your assumptions seem to be based on people who get store cards and don't use them.    Only in that case is the inquiry a waste.

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