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Will GE Money Bank Close DW's Card?

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Will GE Money Bank Close DW's Card?

Here's the deal, DW received a letter today from Chase informing her that her TJX Rewards Mastercard was changing from Chase to GE Money Bank next month.


DW has done a lot of rebuilding over the last couple years since her last derogatory -- a CO in November 2008 on her GAP card issued by GE Money Bank. The CO has since been paid off, and DW has since had perfect payment history, gotten rid of First Premier Bank, received three prime cards (this Mastercard, Amex Zync and an Amex Blue with a $5,500 CL), and added just about every old trade line I could help her with as an AU.


DW's Fico scores are 713 EQ and 724 TU.


What are the odds that GE Money Bank will close the account because of the prior CO with them?

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Re: Will GE Money Bank Close DW's Card?

i've heard people burning ge money in a bk and then getting another card with them later. she should be ok since she has come a long way since her past troubles unless she hasnt paid it off then they might close it.

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