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Will I be risking AA?

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Will I be risking AA?

Hello All,

I generally keep my utilization under 10% of my CLs (more like 2-3%), but I will be travelling a lot this month, and may need a couple of months to pay off the expenses. After the trip, I forsee my balances to be:

Barclaycard: 200/1000 (20%)

Discover: 280/1000 (28%)

Citi: At least 200/4000, probably more like 400/4000 (10%)

Amex: Likely around 400/4300 (~10%)


I am up for my 6 month CLI on my Barclaycard in December, and these balances will likely be reporting when they soft me. My 3 month anniversary is around this time for Discover as well. Does anyone forsee any issues if I have roughly these balances? I know I'm likely being paranoid, but I just wanted to be sure that no one will see this as especially risky or whatnot. Also, would it be better to move some of that spending that I will be putting on Discover to my Amex?


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Re: Will I be risking AA?

Just my opinion-I don't see any problem. They wouldn't have given you those limits if they didn't think you'd use them responsibly. And you still wouldn't be even close to maxing out.

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Re: Will I be risking AA?

I highly doubt you'll be risking AA with those balances.  

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