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Will my recent approvals equal more/better pre-approvals?

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Will my recent approvals equal more/better pre-approvals?

I had a sucessful week last week. One pre-approved card with Merrick Bank and then 3 cold apps with decent approvals. Based on experience, do you think I'll start seeing more pre-approved offers coming in and if so, do you think they will be better than the sub-prime that I've been receiving over the last year (like Merrick Bank and Credit One)?  I usually toss most of them. I'll consider ones that have a 25 day grace period after the statement closes. If they start charging interest from the purchase date, the offer is in the trash! 


Will be tossing all but lower interest and higher limit offers now.

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Re: Will my recent approvals equal more/better pre-approvals?

With four new accounts showing up shortly, I expect your pre approvals to stop appearing for a while.


Those that you get, you won't want.


Give it a good six months, or even a year, and then you should start getting the preapprovals for the cards that you want. 

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