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Will the same strategy work for Citi?

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Will the same strategy work for Citi?

Long story short:  680 scores across the board.  About half-dozen negatives from college years (5-7 years)


Opened a Chase savings and checking ($30K).  Applied for the card and denied.  Reconned, pointing to the fact that I had 30K balance in accounts.  Got 3K Freedom card on recon.


 I previously had a Citibank card that went negative and was paid after close.  I tried to reapply some years later, but I was denied due to derogatory credit file. Tried to recon, but the kept claiming that I never provided a copy of my credit report.  Seems odd.  Anyway, maybe I'm just blacklisted?


I would like to get back in bed with Citi, but will only do so if they would service all accounts (savings, checking and a credit card).


I wonder if I open a citi account with 30K if the same kind of strategy would work.  The fact is I have plenty of money, but my credit history is just on the cusp of recovery.  No bad marks in 6 years....but still have those bad marks from 6 years ago.  

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Re: Will the same strategy work for Citi?

I dont know about 30k. I do know with Citi that if you open with 100K and establish a Citigold relationship that they push for a credit card as well. Citi has become more conservative in the recent months, so I wouldn't  put all my eggs in one basket like that. 
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