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Wow I love bofa..

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Wow I love bofa..

So I started with a 99/500 secured card back in sept 2011, got it unsecured at the year mark with a 200 cli bringing it to 700. Stayed this way until aug 2013, when they gave me a 1500 auto cli bringing me to 2200. Annual fee was just charged earlier this month so thanks to these forums I called the backdoor number and spoke to a credit analyst. She said I was managing the account perfectly by paying in full every month and removed my annual fee permanently! I also inquired about an apr reduction which she was more than happy to take care of, 20.24% to 17.99%.

After reading about so many success stories on here and despite receiving a cli in aug, I decided to try the luv button online requesting 6000. Got the 7-10 day message and called the backdoor number today. Spoke with another wonderful person who again said I was managing my account perfectly and was able to see my other accounts with bofa. I asked if we could review the cli request, she asked a few questions, put me on hold came back with a few more questions.

There are 3 paid collections that came up and 2 unpaid. Explained to her my plan to take care of those and she said she wanted to give me an increase to 4000-4500! Not entirely sure what happened at this point but she then went on to say if you can answer a few security questions ill put it through for 6000. She mentioned it would not be instant and needed to be submitted for final approval.

Checked my account 20 mins later and bamm!! $6000!! Finally moved on from toy limits and couldn't have done it without all the great ppl here. Thank you myfico!!!
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Re: Wow I love bofa..

Wow sweet story, with 2 unpaid collectios that's awesome. Having the card with a real limit  will really help your utilization and be a great stepping stone for getting more solid credit cards when your score creeps up a bit.

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Re: Wow I love bofa..

Wow they're really helping you out considering your circumstances! That's nice to see, and good job being persistent and not giving up! Clearing up those baddies off your account and remaining responsible with your CC you'll break past the 700 score. Good luck! Enjoy your new CL. 

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Re: Wow I love bofa..

Awesome! Grats. BofA can be generous sometimes.

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Re: Wow I love bofa..

congrats on your CLI, that's a nice bump!!

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Re: Wow I love bofa..

Congrats on the increases!
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Re: Wow I love bofa..


postings like yours makes my Day...Awesome

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